Wednesday, October 01, 2008


My first gig back from Croatia had to be epic so we went with the one and only Paula Abdul as the theme of the evening for Good Times at Eastern Bloc last Wednesday.

I love Matt the Bartender (left), not to be confused with Matt the Baker who is also a bartender nowadays. This Matt, pictured here, also goes to my gym, though I mysteriously only run into him when he's "exiting" or "changing" in the locker room.

The vibeology between Andrew (right) and his hunky friend was quite intense, judging from that whole leg on lap scenario going on. Horny horns!

Oh how I missed my boys. I can't really remember a thing that Kevin, Jacob, their boobylicious friend and Kurt (from left) told me because I was zuper jetlagged but I do remember something about me possibly DJing Cipriani's in November.

Andre (right) and friends soaked up the last moon rays of summer outside while Jimmy played a truly stellar set. I think he attended the Scratch Academy while I was away.

Purple plaids and ensembles are officially in vogue. The jury is still out, however, on zebra-striped Vanilla Ice eyebrows.

Opposites attract.

Danny (center) and friends are in a tizzy awaiting next week's Rosh Hashana. SHANA TOVA!, which means happy new year in hebrew, fyi.

A little too excited to be in pole position, or maybe its just the way that you love me.

Many many many posed pics. I think we need to revert back to the days when photographer Kelvin made everyone grope one another. It made for more exciting captions.

Another reveller who just can't keep it in his pants (or feathered masquarade closet, in this case) for Halloween.

Steven and Kristofer had a full-on San Francisco posse in effect this week with the visit of SF's legendary Juanita More in town for a Mr. Black party. Speaking of which, I'M HOSTING AT MR. BLACK THIS SATURDAY! Email me to get on my list.

The ever-handsome kings of nightlife, Roger (left) and Nashom, go way back to early days of East Village nightlife when I was a mere zygote 21 years ago.

And speaking of handsome, who is this beautiful stranger standing oh so near to AJ (right)? Name, age and stats please.

Damian (left, with Matt and Greg), the East Village's answer to Gene Simmons.

Paula was a major major hit. I even threw on Rush Rush in the hopes that someone would hurry hurry love and come on me. I mean come to me.

Total top Tony (left) is loving the bandana cum headband look a la Phoebe Price and Misha Barton.

Forever your girls.

Truth be told, Robbie was the inspiration for the Paula party. He is pretty much president of the Paula Abdul fan club and came decked out with Paual pins and a backstage pass. Straight up.

Pic of the night obviously goes to Michael T. (right) for licking Gabriel's nipple beside the DJ booth. It doesn't get much more gay rock 'n' roll than this.

Rapping along to Cold Hearted. "He's c-cold as ice."

STONE-WASHED SLEEVELESS REALNESS, dancing like there's no tomorrow!

At some point, shots of all colors (clear, brown, cloudy) started happening things got a little kooky, if you can't tell by the look in Evans' eyes (right).

Frank (left) and Michael, sharing a shot at love to the tune of Will You Marry Me. R.I.P. Paula Abdul & Emilio Estevez's marriage.

Don't tell Jenna it's nearly October.

At 4am, there was still a huge crowd at the party which spilled out onto the sidewalk, though this guy was still grunging it up inside and hoping to hear some Eddie Vedder.

Your lovely DJs for the evening, hoping to see you next week as we ring in the jewish new year 5769. Sixty nine people. Gayest jew year ever! See you then.

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$3 Tap all night for those wearing plaid.