Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Shana tova! We celebrated the Jewish New Year last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc with apples, honey and lots o' Manischewitz (grape AND cherry flavored).

There weren't as many yarmulkes to go around this year since my Rabbi roommate who used to score them for me has since moved to Florida. These ladies (pictured with a non-Jew named Adam) loved to wear them askew. Fash-on.

Lulu's back on the scene and scaring off patrons with halitosis. Just kidding, but it so looks like this dude is dodging Lulu's tater tot breath.

A trio of mensches.

Jacob (left) and Tony (right) introduced another Vassar alum friend of theirs to the scene (center), who was really feeling the klezmer set I've perfected for Jewish weddings.

Kevin (left) and friends, who are stoked that we jews have finally reached the most perverse jew year ever, 5769.

Next year, I am crowning Christian (center, with Chris and Anthony) king of all Rosh Hashana festivities, since he is more gung ho about the holiday than anyone else around. P.S. - Remember when Anthony was chasidic for Halloween? If not, click HERE.

The lost tribes of Israel, discovered at long last!

Charles (left) and Aaron, who apparently hosts amazing loft parties and takes incredible pictures and will probably love next week's Courtney love party based on that hairdo.

Apples, honey and Manischewitz, courtesy of yours truly (pictured above).

My sexy Spanish roommate (center), with his two friends who were visiting from Barcelona last week.


Dude on his shoulders (Brian, maybe?) is like, seven feet tall to being with and would probably have put a hole in the ceiling if his friend had stood up all the way. Lucky for us, co-owner Gabe now lives upstairs and would enjoy a hole in the floor just to check on things.

Holy Sheet was like, the gnarliest party ever dudes.

Eric L. aka Knucklecrack aka biggest gay jew ever helped out by bringing an extra bottle of Manischewitz and doling out Manischewitz shots to jews and jew-lovers alike. Thanks Eric!

Biggest gay jew ever #2, aka Benji Solomon, who had me thinking he was from Canada till he confessed he grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey. Obviously.

Biggest gay jew ever #3, Simon, who has blossomed into a beautifully neurotic jew yorker a la Woody Allen at such a young and tender age.

A kosher kissyfest! Mazel tov to them both!

Lulu's sexy french friend Chris (read: not jewish) gave us all a New Year's treat by climbing on the pole and shaking his baguette.

When oh when is Luke (right) going to grace us with his drag alter ego? At our October 29 Halloween blowout, perhaps? Please say yes Luke.

Evans, Mikey and Charles (from right) who apparently can see no evil now that he's on hiatus from the Cock until FEBRUARY. Give up the Cock strike Charles! It is only hurting us both!

Speaking of cock, Mikey (left) and friend were all eskimo kisses at the bar apparently.

Smiling because Jimmy and I are now stocked with 5,000 different mixes of Britney Spears' womanizer woman-womanizer you're a womanizer, oh womanizer oh you're a womanizer baby...

Begging for brisket and gefilte fish. Next year, my friends, next year.

Is that Pailo fake kissing the tall handsome ginger guy that nearly put a hole in the ceiling? I think yes. Next time you see Pailo, ask him what Mexican Rosh Hashanas are like.

Photographer Kelvin told me this had something to do with somebody dressing up as a brickhouse for something, but it looks more like a mobile glory hole to me.

Good times! These, are, the (hosts of) GOOD TIMES! (to the tune of Chic's Good Times)

Scot (right, with Matt the Baker) is FINALLY back from another vacation in Holland to see his boyfriend. This time, his bf's dad, who is only like, five years older than Scot.

At Twin Cheeks at the Cock this past Monday, this trannie was like, "Why's there so much tuna up in here?" and I was like, "What?" and she's like, "You know, tuna." And I'm like, "What?" And she's like, "PUSSY! WHY'S THERE SO MUCH PUSSY UP IN HERE?!"

Cameron M. (left) is always dressed so dapperly that he sometimes makes me wish I was British.

Christian (center, with Danny and Tommy) slipped me his newest single, which you can go and listen to here. It was all very Mariah Carey a la Glitter.

Alon and friend, repping for Israel on the highest of high holy days.

Mandatory pre-one night stand backfat examination.

Duane (right) and John, who used all the powers within him to keep his shirt on and buttoned for the duration of the party.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDDY (right)!!! You can catch me at the hot spot any day of the week.

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL DELUCIA!!!!!!!! Michael birthday partied with us all night but Kelvin neglected to take any photos of him for reasons unbeknownst to me. How could anyone resist those eyebrows and dimples?!!

Gabriel, Kevin and Willie, from left, purposely arranged in decending height order.

May your New Year be as healthy and happy as these two appear here.

Dare I couple alert?

Late night Michael Musto lookalike realness!

Richard, vigorously texting and probably rushing off to the last ever Slurp at the Cock, which happened last Wednesday. Yet another reason to close down Good Times with us from now on.

The late night after work huddle, starring James, me, Michael and Matt the Baker. Odessa it is!


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more pics of you in tank tops please! seriously

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shana tova!

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