Friday, April 27, 2007


I got called in for a last minute duties at Eastern Bloc's Good Times party last night. I wasn't in charge of the camera or anything, hence the random assortment of drunken pics below:

Jimmy was fresh off the plane from Scotland, while Darren was fresh off a Freddie Mercury Tribute performance. Kidding!

Peter reemerged from two weeks of hibernation , rockin' a hot new 'do .

Tanya said farewell to New York, since this was her last night before moving back to the boonies. We'll miss you and your ambigously queer tshirts Tanya!

Hot couple alert! Paul showed up with the Native American/Mexicano hotness that is Mario.

Okay, so this might have been their first date or something, but they would totally be the Jolie-Pitts of the gay NYC actor/waiter world.

Jimmy looked on in disgust at the public displays of affection.

Christine nearly lost her lunch when witnessing the PDA as well.

Marisa totally made out with that hairy dude to her right.

Sometimes when you're at a bar that is only lit with red lights, you have to rely on flash photography to determine whether the patrons are hot or not dot com.

Barret made a post-birthday appearance and even gave a little follow-up pole dance.

This dude seemed like he was on a mission, darting all around the bar, outside, and then back in again. I have no idea what exactly his mission was.

Mario is SO into Marisa's boobs. Sorry Paul. Maybe he's not gay after all.

Marisa invoking a Marisa Tomei look. She deleted all the pictures where she was flashing the camera.

Yeah yeah. So I didn't take pictures of anyone else. SUE ME! Mazel tov to Paul and Mario. I hope their second date goes as well as their first.

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