Monday, April 30, 2007


I'm not the biggest Kylie Minogue fan, nor do I usually like the video my poptart friend Ryan usually sends me. This video, however, is an exception. A) Kylie sings to a Fischerspooner remix of her song rather than the original (albeit she's kind of off key, but whatevs). B) She has a friggin' army of Chinese Kylies dancing around her. In China! When East meets West and China rules the world, let's hope it looks something like this:


diana said...

k, all of these posts are so relevant to my life. I went to the V&A Museum in London and in the middle of all these historic things they have this HUGE exhibit on Kylie, and I'm like really? I mean, she's hot, but she's not worthy of idolotry

Anonymous said...

Insanity! Makes Madonna look like an underground act.