Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Anna Nicole Smith's mom (or "birth mother," as Anna Nicole liked to say) has come out of the woodwork to blame drugs, Howard K. Stern and probably Hugh Heffner for the death of her daughter. Though Anna was estranged from her mom for like, her whole life, Virgie has no problem showing up now and offering to babysit Anna's daughter Dannilyn to the tune of $474 million. Methinks Virgie would have a hard time gaining custody though, especially since she bears a strong resemblance to Jabba the Hut.

Choice quotes from Anna on her mom (from the video below):
"She's not my mother. She's my birth mother."
"She was too jealous of me."
"Bring it on, mommy dearest. Bring it on."


diana said...

ahhhh, I am SO GLAD you posted this.

Sparber said...

i am SO GLAD that you are still commenting, since your blogging seems to have ceased.

diana said...

I just blogged! So it has not ceased, just sporadic. ugh, I have been a v negligent blogger, while you started a SECOND blog. I can't even try to compete. But to be fair, only one of us is spending his/her free time investigating a murder.