Friday, February 02, 2007


A Coca-Cola admin. assistant has been found guilty! guilty! guilty! of plotting to steal the soda company's secrets and sell them to Pepsi. Homegirl was expecting $1.5 million in exchange for formulas on a new product.

Doesn't this sound so Willy Wonka and retarded and 80s all at the same time? It makes me think of Billy Joel screaming "Rock and Roller cola wars, I can't take it anymore!" Like, why was he so angry about cola wars? Anywho, she's looking at 10 years in the clink, soda not included.

In sort of unrelated news, arab superstar and Coke poster girl Nancy Ajram (left) reminds me that my favorite middle eastern slut, Haifa Wehbe, got married this weekend. It is a sad day for horny straight men around the world, though I'm sure she'll divorce her rich business man husband in like, two months and start gold digging again in no time.

For now, enjoy Haifa's single, Wawa, which means "boo-boo," but is also slang for cooch.

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mike said...

But it is all related. Haifa is the Middle East Spokes woman for Pepsi. My wawa hurts more than hiafa's