Wednesday, May 08, 2013


As an early birthday present to myself, I invited my favorite disco DJ Bobby Viteritti to return to our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc last week, which also happened to be my birthday week (where my Tauruses at?). Then I got a bit slack in promoting said party as a birthday celebration. Thankfully, a ton of my nearest and dearest came out anyway to show their love and support for me, which I very much appreciated and enjoyed.

W. Jeremy (left) has been on fire of late with DJ bookings and appearances all over town. He might even be on his way to Vienna's LifeBall later this month (work!). Michael (right) gifted me one of his awesome tshirts that he sells on VFiles as well as a slap bracelet. He also played an awesome late-night set at 11:11 on Friday night/Saturday morning, the night of my actual birthday. Thank you Michael. Love you.

Scott Hug is a New York City treasure for too many reasons to list. 

And speaking of treasures, disco treasure Bobby Viteritti was back on the decks and turning me out as usual with his disco set.

So lucky to not only have Bobby play my party but to have the honor of spinning with such a wonderful guy and meeting his equally as wonderful DJ friend, JC.

It was a happy birthday indeed. Thank you to everyone who came out. I'll be winding down Good Times on a weekly basis by the end of June with plans to possibly resurrect it as a monthly or for three-day weekend one-offs in the fall. These past six years of Good Times have been absolutely spectacular for me and I look forward to growing and traveling more as a DJ and a producer. I also look forward to whatever lies ahead. xo, Sparber

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