Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Every winter, I promise myself I will go to Brazil the following year, where the height of summer and Carnival in Rio coincides with New York's darkest and coldest days. This year, however, my solution was two-fold. 1) I bought a ticket to Sao Paulo and 2) I hosted a Brazilians Do It Better night at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, complete with Brazilian guest DJ Gustavo.

Sarah, Jonathan and Armando (from left) gave me warm wishes and a care package to bring down to Sao Paulo, where their good friend Luke now lives and works year a tank top.

Though Gustavo (left, with Eddie) has been living and DJing in New York for quite a while, he proved he can still serve up samba, funk and other Brazilian beats like none other. It is also rumored that he once sold his soul to retain his youthful looks for eternity but said rumor is still unconfirmed.

In the navy.

We have always been big fans of Xavier's sweet vocal tracks and we're equally as into our part-time coat check and full-time Miss Fire Island 2011 glamazon Sabel Scities.

Barman Rob, staying warm in his natural sweater despite the arctic temperatures outside.


Due to renovations, a detour in Sao Paulo and me being an all-around delinquent, these photos and this party actually took place three weeks ago when David (right) first introduced me to his handsome friend, the OTHER Michael T. Good Times!

Since someone asked a few weeks ago whether women were welcome at Good Times, let me reiterate: we love women, especially Denise (right), Lisa Lisa (of Cult Jam fame) and any other lass that can hold her liquor and refrain from Carly Rae Jepsen request.

SNAXX, reunited! We really loved Gustavo's set and Brazilian vibe (sadly, we missed out on some choice photos of the sexy Brazilians that showed up) and are excited for Rich King's upcoming birthday Good Times on March 27th. And yes, Rich has confirmed that he also sold his soul for eternal handsomeness.

Brazilian or just giving Brazilian effect? Either way, we were really into it.

World music parties are always a bit risky so we're glad that someone was giving us (or maybe just the camera) a thumbs up. Then again, everyone loves Brazilians because Brazilians do it better.

Eddy, putting Sabel's money where his mouth is.

Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?

We love a young Spaniard serving beard, face and body.

Joshua (left) always pops up out of NOWHERE and then dashes off into the night so we're glad we caught a pic of him here and and even got to say hey gurl hey when we ran into him at Horse Meat NYC.

RUMOR MILL: We hear DJ Kindbud (aka Buddy, left, with Evans) is teaming with a certain downtown vocalist who also runs the door at a nearby nightlight institution and DONKEY may or may not be involved with a remix.

Next winter, we hope to not only return to Brazil but to visit Puerto Rico as well and throw a party inspired by Brian's jaunt there this past winter.

By the end of the night, we concluded that Brazilians really do do it better. Big thank you to Gustavo for turning it out and everyone who came out and danced with us. Now who's up for Rio and Florianopolis in April? xo, Sparber

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