Wednesday, November 28, 2012


When I first asked DJ and living legend Ron Like Hell if he'd DJ with me at our Thanksgiving Eve Good Times party last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc, he said, "Sure! It'll probably be quiet but cute, right?" I then informed him that Thanksgiving Eve is always a shit show since most people don't have to work the following day and we both got real excited. And rightfully so.

Even when I arrived at Eastern Bloc at 10pm, the bar was already pretty busy with happy hour folk doing happy hour things like posing for group shots, as you can see here.


Me and this one kept joking about Shazaming each and every track that Ron (left) would play since Ron is the king of un-shazamable music. And lo and behold, each and every time we tried to Shazam ANYTHING that night, we were foiled by a Ron Like Hell re-edit or something akin to that.

Hakan forbade me from snapping any photos of him, opting instead to take the pretty self-portrait you see before your eyes.

Though the bar was packed to the brim, I somehow convinced this habibi named Hilal (right) to snap some photos of the Good Times that were while I DJed and danced beside Ron for most of the night.

A very drunk Lulu and a very long-haired Mikey.

Jamil La'BEIJA, giving faaaaaaaaaaaaace.

I asked Hilal to go out into the masses and snap some photos of bearded cuties and boy did he deliver.

So an Australian and a riot grrrl walk into a bar...

I'm sure their beards were dripping with gravy about 24 hours after this photo was taken. And speaking of gravy, we postponed our annual Purple Gravy Prince and his Proteges night one week, which means this coming Wednesday is PURPLE GRAVY GOOD TIMES with me and Gag's Cameron Cooper!

Hug it out boys. The night is still young and I'm pretty sure you don't have to go into the office tomorrow.

Ron asked if I could bring along one of my turntables, and being that Ron is indeed a living legend, I had a hard time saying no. I also had a hard time schlepping it home at 430am but that's another story.

Ron Like Hell has the best groupies EVER.

And Good Times at Eastern Bloc has the best bar men ever.

At some point in the night this happened and I was loving every minute of it.

YES MAMA! Giving me poses for days.

The music was so off the chain that night that people couldn't do anything but dance, even when they looked just about ready to go out into a blizzard.

Let's play a little game with Jacon, Tony and Ricky (from left) called marry fuck kill, though I'm sure there's good reason to do each with each.


If I didn't say it 10 times already, Ron played the most stupendous set ever. He truly is a living legend and I can't wait the next installment of his monthly Wrecked party and wherever else he may turn up with vinyl in hand.

One of the best things about Thanksgiving Eve is that you get to see some folks that rarely show face on a Wednesday due that whole 9 - 5 thing such as the lovely Matty Glitterati.

I'm no longer the only ho in the DJ booth stinking the place up with my ripe armpits. Thanks William!

CHRISTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know Christeene was going to be making a late night cameo because otherwise I would have begged and pleaded for her to perform at our little party that could. Next time?

Yes to EVERYTHING about Marc's look last Wednesday, from the sweat shorts to the mesh midriff shirt to the jockstrap.

Late night dinner in the club, anyone? Thanks again to Ron Like Hell and everyone that came out last Wednesday. Be sure to come back next week when me and Cameron Cooper serve up Purple Gravy with Prince and Apollonia and Vanity and Jill Jones and the Time tracks all night long. xo, Sparber

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