Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Legendary New York DJ Michael T. likes to claim October  as "his month" since the whole month leads up to Halloween and Michael T. pretty much embodies the title of that old Ministry track, Everyday is Halloween. That's why we were happy to have him back at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc last week for his very first spookings of the month.

Trani (left, pronounced Tranny) has attended almost every Michael T. party for the past umpteen years. She's also celebrating her Halloween birthday with us this coming October 31st and has formally announced the category for this year's costume theme - Black Queen: The Princess and the PNP. Learn it, and learn it well.

When Michael asked he should have a theme for his set last week, I blurted "sock hop!" because Michael plays the ONLY oldies set. To which he responded, "Can we go heavy on the Elvis?" Hence his treasured Elvis boxed cd set, pictured here. Lots of the children picked it up and didn't know what a boxed cd set looked like anymore. True story.

While the other Ladoshas are away on tour, downtown's latest it girl Juliana Huxtable LaDosha (left) made a surprise Good Times appearance with superstar DJ and all-around cuddle bear Michael Magnan.

Ride 'em cowboy!

Between the mustache, tattoo, glasses, necklace, baseball cap and cut-off denim vest, something tells me this one might live in Brooklyn. Or Portland.

Did you know Jake Harris (left, with Christopher) directed a brand new film? Did you know Michael T.  recorded original music with original Michael T. vocals for it? We're planning on hosting an upcoming party for said film very very soon so stay tuned.

The weekly gun & PBR show.

Adam (pictured here) will be hosting our good friend Dandylion's 11/11 Marinate party, where I'll be the guest DJ of honor and what an honor it is, as Marinate (every second Sunday at Eastern Bloc) has proven to be one of the best kept party secrets of New York City.

Sock hop in full effect. Thank you Keisha.

Eliot, rubbing the buddha's belly for good luck with his game for the evening.

It is always a delight to see Robert out and about on any given evening, especially when that evening entails drowning in a sea of surrounding giants.

A spontaneous pole dancer and that guy who infamously confronted me at a Robyn concert about not wearing deodorant.

Awwwwww. Baby DJ Dicap (left) and daddy DJ Michael Magnan, who is off to Tokyo as I type to amass hundreds and hundreds and harajuku fans and bring me back some candy-covered cheese doodles. Watch for Dicap's debut Good Times DJ appearance in November.

Blazing with the blazer boys.

On any given Wednesdays, there's usually a first wave of party goers who care about their appearance at work the next day and then there's the late-night second wave of hooliganism. Last week's second wave included Andy Radio (right) and his Chicago posse, out and about in celebration of Andy's birthday. Happy birthday Andy!!! Your hooliganism is always well worth it.

The raciest drag of the evening came from Drag Race superstar Dida Ritz giving you a pink frosted bumble bee effect.

Not only do we love our lady guests at Good Times, we even have the most awesome lady of all time ever, DJ Lauren Flax (who also co-produces in the musical duo known as Creep) guesting with us at next week's party. Not to be missed.

Back to basics (as in Hanes basics).

If this image were an animated GIF, you'd see Michael T. shimmying his shoulders in classic Michael T. fashion. And speaking of fashion, I'm living for that Dee Dee Luxe tee, as Dee Dee the other most awesome lady of all time ever.

Party dad Darren!

David and I had a major moment of reconnecting and playing catch on all the things and places we left off at when he moved to San Francisco and back a few years ago.

Rand was back in town from Austin, Texas for a minute and charmed the socks off of nearly everyone at Good Times to the point where Michael T. began reading him in classic Michael T. initiation style. Rand was faring pretty well when I left the bar at 430am.

Xander, giving you a cape-meets-curtains kind of look.

The FULL look.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: 2am - 4am is the best part of the evening because it's that witching hour when troublemakers like these two roll through the clurb.

Love was in the air by the time these three congregated with me in the DJ late in the night so I thought it was only appropriate to close out the evening with the 17 minutes version of Donna Summer's Love to Love You Baby.

I used to joke that sitting on top of an actual bar is akin to "ruling the roost," which is fitting for Frankie as he just had a write-up in the New York Times for his big Tuesday bash. Congrats Frankie! We've never even had Michael Musto out on a Wednesday.

Thanks again to Michael T. and everyone who came out and sock hopped with us. See you next Wednesday with guest DJ Lauren Flax at Good Times. xo, Sparber

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