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It is no secret that my favorite Good Times of the year just happens to celebrate the birthday of my favorite person in the world, DJ Lina Bradford. So, as always, we at our Wednesday Eastern Bloc party threw our annual Led Zeppelin birthday Lina fiesta two weeks ago, which happened to be the night before Lina and I flew off to London for more DJ hijinx.

Erickatoure arrived on the earlier side of things in order to procure the best seat in the house, aka a view from the side of the DJ booth.

Lina even arrived early (so professional!) ready to rock out in her daisy dukes and her I-just-had-sex hairdo.

Looks like Jared has traded in his winter Henley's for some spring and summer time tank tops. And we're not complaining.

Mauricio (right) was actually waiting in line behind Lina the day before and since he had yet to make her acquaintance, texted me to say how fetching she appeared. (It's as if I have spies everywhere!) 

Already planning a way to bring Armando (left) back out to Los Angeles with me for my upcoming gigs May 14th till the 22nd. Oh, and speaking of Los Angeles, we have LA's finest, DJ Victor Rodriguez, joining us at the next Good Times on April 25. LA ALL THE WAY!

Gugu (left), giving major eyebrows. Gugu is also a young'un who was super enthused to be hearing rock 'n' roll (Led Zeppelin!) out at a New York party for the first time in ages and even asked me to write down the title to Fool in the Rain because she was feeeeeeeling it, as was I.

The Benetton crew! They come in all shapes and colors and I love them all.

It's been two weeks since this party so naturally, I have no recollection of seeing or speaking with these people (or taking their photo for that matter) but I'd like to pretend these two are Spanish tourists visiting from Madrid and ready to snort some poppers on the dancefloor.

I think these dudes called one another right before going out and they were all like, "yeah, let's go with blue for tonight!"

Lina has a vast array of handsome friends and followers, including Peruvian hotcake Roberto (center) and the Palestinian princess known as Tawfik (right. Call him Ta-Ta's if he's nasty).

Michael (left) has stopped showing face in these parts of town due to his crazy commute to and from New Jersey but we are always overjoyed with memories of Black Party 2011 when we do get to see him. And we love keeping tabs on Peter's Chia beard as well.

I really hope Rob and Duan both have vanity plates on their cars back home that say 2 CUTE 2 B STR8, mostly because it's really really true.

WIGSTOCK REUNION! I pretty much died when the king of rock 'n' roll nightlife, Formika (right), reunited with the queen of Zeppelish, Ms. Lina Bradford. And from the point forward, the levee broke.

This was only the second or third time I've ever seen Scott on the island of Manhattan (rather than the Island of Fire) but we got all giddy gabbing about our upcoming summer adventures in and around Lina's Kiki Lounge.

Two sharp dressed men and some schlub in a Lisa Lisa Cult Jam shirt.

Lina, bringing it on home in true Lina fashion.

The Ocean (of Good Times goers. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINISH!)

Greg, Tim and Jared (from right) took center stage so everyone was sure to see them as they rocked out. Did I mention that we played all Zeppelin, all night? Cuz we did. And it was once again, awesome.

There is no way to describe the energy that was unleashed when these two reunited...

...but this photo sort of sums up that unearthly energy. WORK LINISH!

Cuties in hoodies and a dude nibbling on his ear, or as I like to call it, pulling a Mike Tyson.

CIAO ITALIA! Only an Italian beau like Enrico (left) could pull off a red leather jacket a la Michael Jackson or Peaches.

I swore when I first looked at this photo that the dude on the left was Dangerously Asian Tai Chi. Then I looked closer and realized that this fellow is not in fact dangerously asian at all (but still bears a striking resemblance to Tai Chi anyways).

Wagging tongues like these could only mean one of two things: K holes or our nutty photographer Kelvin has overtaken the camera.

All kinds of yes to the guy on the left that Frank (right) somehow discovered hiding in one of the dark corners of our bar.

Shirt buttoned! Chest tattoo! Game, set, match.

Taylor and Thomas, I see you throwing major side eye from high up on your perches!

And perched high above the crowd sat Thomas (left), Taylor (right) and our trusty bar back, Rob, giving some spread eagle for the delight of your imagination.

Things actually got so hot and heated that this one dude needed mouth to mouth resuscitation...and the dude to his left was happy to offer him some.

Can we just finally make this a monthly party? I mean, really.

So much love for everything about this picture. And wait till you see the photos from our trip to London (minus Formika. She needs to join us next time). You will plotz!

Chesticles! Ab-rageous.

Shaved heads are the new Bieber bowl cut.

The thing I love most about Falconish (aka Tony) and friends is that I can always count on seeing 'em out and about at Good Times for our annual Led Zeppelin Lina party. APRIL 10th, 2013! Mark your calendars.

Jonathan (right) and friends, looking slightly dazed and confused but enjoying themselves nonetheless.

Holding on for dear life (or holding on for one more day, if you'd prefer the Wilson Philips version).

Now That's What I Call a Handsome Ginger, Vol. 1.

This actually continued on until late into the night but unfortunately the camera battery started indicating that it was about to die, meaning that the later parts of the evening went completely unphotographed, which was probably for the best.

Indoctrinating the youth into the school of hard rock, Kashmir style.

And yes, even Xander made an appearance (in the background, wearing neon!) but alas the camera died and Lina and I jetted off to Europe for adventures in London and Berlin. But now I'm back and looking forward to the next Good Times with LA's Victor Rodriguez. See you there! xo

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