Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Before I left for my San Francisco and Pacific Northwest tour de force two weeks ago, we threw a Dolly vs. Cher Good Times get together at our weekly Wednesday Eastern Bloc party and invited the sheriff of all things Dolly and Cher—DJ Miss Guy!—to come guest.

I had actually never met Guy (right, with yours truly) before he guested at Good Times but we had emailed a whole bunch and I had heard him DJ here and there. Turns out that in addition to being a stellar DJ, he's the NICEST PERSON EVERRRRRR. Serious DJ love affair unfolding before your very eyes.

Steven (left) and Joseph, giving you matching solid-color hats and Joseph giving you his tig ol' bitties.

Since this party was two weeks ago and I've done lots of partying all over the west coast in the intervening weeks, you'll have to forgive me for forgetting certain details of the party such as seeing these two at all. But loving Tori Amos hair color nonetheless.

This one on the left was the cuteness yet again, any details of where he's from and how he ended up at Good Times are a blur to me.

Oh yes, now I remember: my two favorite Polly Pockets, Ryan (left) and David (second from left) may have brought the white tank topper out for a night on the town because he was visiting from...ummmm, Spain? Let's go with Spain and hope we're right.

POLLY POCKET POWER! It's like when the Care Bears put their tummies together and produce a rainbow. Ryan and David can do the exact same thing!

The invasion of the hot Israelis continues and I'm not complaining in the least.

This same week, I went to my rinky dink non-gay Lower East Side gym and spied Rainblo (left) doing his entire elliptical workout while wearing sunglasses! Maybe the most major thing to happen to a gym since Ladyfag (Rainblo's wife) and Amanda Lepore were workout partners.

A big hello from Big Scot! Scot and I were thankful that it didn't rain on a Wednesday for once. Then I flew to Seattle and it snowed the following day.

Geske going bananas for Miss Guy's oldies sock hop set, which had the whole bar dancing and twisting and sweating it up.

Jason (left) has done a complete 180 from shunning the camera to gleeful poses with friends and strangers at Good Times. And we couldn't be happier about it.

Natasha and her nips.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULIE M.! We got wind that Paul (right) would be rolling through in celebration of his birthing day that night and she didn't disappoint. In fact, she partied with us till the bitter end and may still be seated on one of those bar stools two weeks later. Find out tonight!

We hear wedding bells will soon be ringing for our one and only Alon (left) and we're miffed he didn't invite us to DJ the reception. Hopefully, he'll be enjoying his last days of disco with us at the next Good Times, when James Cerne of Boston's Foxy duo brings his hunktastic tunes to Eastern Bloc November 9.

That thing where if you hang out with your best friend or dog or both for too too long, you begin to look like them.


Guy and I were a lil worried at first cuz the bar was crickets when I showed up at 10pm but by midnight it was filled with handsome cuties like these two and everyone kept remarking that this particular party was exceptionally hot and handsome. So thanks Jason and Ryan!

Olivier at the center of le cuddle puddle.

Bar back Rob, iced up and ready to serve.

Much like the other details of this particular evening, Guy's set is a blur to me now but I remember thinking, DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! cuz it was that good. Hopefully there will be a reprise very very soon.

Late night vampire shows from the late night vampire known as John.

Cesar is indeed a stylist as his name tag states. In fact, he styles for Sonja on the Real Housewives of New York but we've all been routing for him to get Natasha and her tranny friends their own show on Bravo. Can someone reading this please lend a helping hand?!

Calling all beards: after the upcoming Foxy Good Times party, we have the one and only DJ Lina, known for her great appreciation of all things short and bearded, spinning the following Wednesday (Nov. 16th) where she promises a Rewind set a la Duran Duran, B-52's and anything else you may have heard at Danceteria or late at night in the Kiki Lounge.

How modest of me to be covering up my boob.

Photographer Kelvin was most definitely absent this night as well, which is why there's a lack of amazing photos like this.

Badabing bada-BOOM!

Convinced that Frankie only wears these jackets with elaborate murals on the back solely so he can strike a bad boy pose a la the Outsiders.

Another week with your lovely staffers here at Good Times.

The west coast connection is in effect! Right before I flew off to Seattle to DJ Comeback (which was MAJOR! Thanks you Seattle and Colby and Marcus), Taylor (right, with former westerners Thomas and Frankie) popped in to announce that he's in New York for good now. Hallelujah! Time for another Berzerk Good Times with DJs Teabag and Stinky Pinky?

Finally, around 330am, after almost everyone had left the bar, Natasha INSISTED on performing for the five of us that were left...

Some folks objected and ran to hide in the bathroom...

But I somehow agreed to let her close down the bar with her unbelievable rendition of Beyonce's Countdown.

Of course, it was basically a crowd of one (ME!) but when has that ever stopped us before?!! Thank you Guy and also Colby and Kevin Graves, who covered for me while I went west. See you at the next Good Times with a naked, drunk James Cerne from Foxy and then Lina the following week. xo, Sparber

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