Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I always love a great party performance, whether its hired talent or spontaneous shows on a makeshift runway. Last week, we were lucky enough to nab the incredible trio known as Tayisha Busay for a short set at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, where we also had our Fire Island buddy Kevin Graves guest DJ songs that reminded us of the summer sun.

TAYISHA BUSAY! There's no better way to get truly get the party started. Trust.

Early in the evening, one dude came up to me in the DJ booth and was like, TAYISHA BUSAY IN DA HOUSE?! I was like, what? I learned later on that Tayisha actually has die-hard groupies who will cross state lines to come and see them.

Casey (right, with Buddy and Evans) has been giving fancy footwork all week. Let me just say that she has moves for days! Years, even.

Getting ready to do something with those two fingers. What exactly he'll do, I'm not sure.

Little in the middle but she got much back.

No offense to Ariel and Brandon (the other 2/3 of Tayisha Busay) but Tessa's jewfro really steals the show each and every time. I'm OBSESSED with it. And I'm obsessed that she looks like Polly from Teen Witch too.

David (right) and friend, doing that indoor winter hat look in the midst of our Alexis Jordan summer fiesta. Someone should have really worn a visor! Ooooh, I can't wait till visors make a resurgence.

Me, Mikey and Kevin Graves (from left), who not only guested with us but is now back in New York City full time and working on a full-length album. We are dying for it.

It's black. It's white. It's tough for you to get by.

My former roommate Dirty Diana (right) and her girlfriend, with whom she moved in 2.5 days after meeting in true lesbian fashion.

ALERT! There's a new leather pup in town...and he's a ginger!

Tayisha Busay's Ariel (right) was also having a lady to lady moment, though I don't think these two are U-hauling it quite the same way Diana and her girlfriend did.

Hello blonde ambition!

The Gayletter boys (left) come face to face with a New York Times reporter (Tim, on the right) as a cute bearded onlooker watches the snarkiness unravel.

Kissed by that indoor winter hat look!

San Franciscan Steven B. (right) will sadly be missing my upcoming west coast gigs at the Nicki Minaj party I'm DJing at Big Top (Jan. 29) and Booty Call (Feb. 2). And I'm DJing Comeback in Seattle too (Jan. 28).

Michael (left) and Mel, looking sexy and gay in gray.

How amazing would it have been if Amy Poehler showed up with a tinier hat?!?! Faking your own death is the new tiny hat!

On second thought, leather caps are the new tiny hats!

TAYISHA BUSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, we had a few sound problems since we've never done a live two-mic show at Good Times but who really cares with crotch moves like those.

Singing my favorite Tayisha Busay song, entitled What the Fuck You Doin' In My Mouth? Watch the official video here.

Brandon in the mix!

So yeah. Tayisha Busay are a total party as always.

In fact, they invited everyone on "stage" with them to really turn it into a total party. Thank you Tayisha! You are the best. (Especially Tessa's 'fro.)

Albert (right, with Mel) took a moment to show me his inappropriate online dating pictures, which were very NSFW. That means not safe for work and Eastern Bloc is pretty much where I work.

Parker (center) is officially on Fire Island this summer. His friend the right, meanwhile, officially picked up a handsome deaf fellow and was communicating with him by typing back and forth on an iPhone all night.

Ambitious blonde.

Always a pleasure to see my favorite Panamaniac, Mikey (right), who brought with him and handsome Brazilian named Fabiano. Hola senors.

And let's not forget Kevin F.'s birthday!!! (even though Kelvin did and didn't take any pictures of him). Happy birthday Kevin! See you next week at Macho Disco Good Times with Ryan Smith and Ron Like Hell, who'll be playing on strictly vinyl, a Good Times first! xo

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