Wednesday, July 07, 2010


The song of the summer has been decided and it is undisputedly Robyn's Dancing on My Own (sorry Katy Perry! Better luck next year). And since Robyn isn't the only gem to come out of Sweden of late, we decided to do a proper Swedish Good Times at last week's Wednesday Eastern Bloc party with swedish pop aficionado Sean McMahill as guest DJ and ten pounds of swedish fish.

Did you say ten pounds of swedish fish?!

Trying to restrain him due to his nightlife footwear choices.

Ben (center) was in town from Australia with some grade A meat to his left. Photographer Kelvin's jaw was literally on the floor.

"Don't fucking tell me what to do."

"This humidity is killing me."

Hi lulu! Ludo (left) brought an out-of-towner by who was undoubtedly visiting from France/Switzerland/Belgium aka the Ludo triangle of terror.

Giving the camera a sensual seduction and sexual eruption all at once, Snoop Dogg style.

I'm not sure if there were any actual Swedes at our party but these two came the closest.

HOUSE OF STANK IN THE HOUSE! Jeremy (not pictured) and Christy Love (left) dropped in to shoot the shit, mourn the departure of 400 records I shed that day and plan for upcoming Duran Duran Good Times with Christy and DFA Good Times with Jeremy.

And speaking of upcoming Good Times, Raul (center) is PUMPED for next week's second annual Nite of Deee Lite with DJ Michael Magnan and a performance by Lady Miss Kier impersonator Spectra Gramm!

He said hello, you fool, I love you. Come on join the Joyride.

FEEDER ALERT! Sidewalk Cafe manager and all-around sex kitten Adam Klesh (fork in his mouth. duh!) thought it'd be cute to force feed us 1) mozzarella sticks 2) chicken wings 3) cheesecake and 4) chocolate mousse cake. And I loved every minute of it.

A very Corky moment from Life Goes On.

The couple from Oz (left) meets David Barton Astor Place legend James V.

A darker moment with Peter (left) and crew, courtesy of Swedish stand-outs The Knife.

Q: What is wrong with this picture? A: Ryan S. (right) is NOT wearing pumps. Actually, you can't see his footwear from here so let's just say he is. Turquoise pumps.

Giving you the Matt Dada effect (in the red) and mesh tank top 'tude courtesy of Hunter (right).

No caption necessary.

Guest DJ Sean McMahill went above and beyond with his Swedish pop duties. In fact, he took it to the next level with Max Martin productions (Max is a Swedish producer who works with Britney, Katy Perry and Pink) but then played some whack Lady Gaga house mixes, which I had to put the kibosh on.

I cannot imagine why Andrew has given us the same pose two weeks in a row but I'm guessing it is a cry for (crotch) help.


Marveling at Andy's $64,000 ghetto booty. Chi-town represent!

The remainder of the Swedish fish, which somehow stuck to everything including the floor, the tv, the bar and everyone's shoes. Oh, and we all had stomach aches too. #fail.

Nathan was kind enough to pose for the sexiest picture of the night.

And then he actually went through with it and ate all those swedish fish. See you in the bathroom shortly!

And see you next week for our second annual Nite of Deee Lite at Good Times!

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