Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Taurus birthday bonanza! Bartender Darren, lil' Garrett and myself all celebrated our first-week-of-May birthday at last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Actually, Lulu (aka Ludo D.) and DJ Sammy Jo also shared birthdays and birthday festivities with us. Happy birthday times five.

My former managing editor Jen loves her some 99 red balloons, or blue balloons, as was the case last Wednesday.

Mike is a true best friend because he ignored my chocolate requests and turned up with three delicious homemade Lebanese dips as a birthday present: baba ganoush, hummus and red pepper dip.

Maverick (left) and Buddy, kissing and telling.

Happy birthday Garrett! (second from left.) Garrett was a bit tipsy when he showed up to his own party and peaced out at 1am. Who does that?

A white-haired Jon Jon Battles (left), giving you deadpan seriousness with the charming and talented Miss Justin Bond.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARREN! (left). Actually, Gabe (right) is also a Taurus but his birthday isn't until this coming Wednesday, which we'll celebrate in true Gabe style with an evening of Mariah Carey. Wear your favorite Hello Kitty accessories!

Miss Andre, baffled as to where photographer Kelvin might be on this wet and rainy evening.

Kelvin was a no show the entire night so I was left with either snapping random photos myself (like this one) or bribing friends with Ferrero Roches to take some for me.

GARY (second from right) GOT A JOB! GARY GOT A JOB! I think 15 people told me this throughout the night so it must be major.

DJ Will (left, with Nita) gave me the best present a boy could ask for: an awesome DJ set! He even played Taffy's I Love My Radio. We're tag team DJing again at Vandam this Sunday.

There was lots of birthday love to be had from such an amazing turnout.

Bo'kaaaaaaay. Roze (left) and Stephanie Stone. Nuff said.

Chicks in leather jackets are always appreciated. Speaking of which, Wednesday, May 20 we're welcoming back my favorite chick in a leather jacket, Michael T., for a special guest Runways/Joan Jett set. He's gonna drop a cherry bomb.

Scotty's birthday request: Happy Birthday, by Altered Images.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY JO! (center.) And thank the lord Nelson (left) and Nita turned up because they make every party like, fifty thousand times more fun. Trust.

Steph (center, with James on the left and Jarrod) never celebrates a birthday because she is Forever 21.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU! Next year, call Jon Jon beforehand so he doesn't steal your thunder by wearing the same birthday outfit as you.

And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! The Foxy Brown to my Lil Kim, Franchesca (right) turned up to bring back some old high school memories and seduce a drunken Garrett (left) down to his birthday suit.

My newfound papi chulo, Edwin, who needs to call me before my birthday next year (or sooner) so as to not steal my turquoise spotlight.

Kevin (left), Rob (right) and a Ukranian present for them even though it wasn't either of their birthdays.

I think it Jon Jon Fields and William might be official. Like, 10 years later.

Lulu's main squeeze, raising a glass for his birthday fille.

And suddenly, everyone was drunk.

I think this dude's name is Chris or Jason or something. To be honest, I was too distracted by his cleverly cut Snatch tee and all the tattoos and cleavage peeking out from underneath.

JEFFERSON IN DA HOUSE. How do you say happy birthday in portuguese Jefferson?

Giving me that model-with-fake-eyeglasses look. And loving the little leather suspenders also.

Photographing the photographer, who in this case, was me. Thanks for not showing up Kelvin. So fired.

RACHEL DRATCH! (except Rachel Dratch doesn't have a tattoo.)

Any night that Yarng comes out to a party is worth celebrating, in my book.

A second Ludo, who flew all the way from Paris just to be with us at this very special Good Times. Enchanté, Ludo.

Skin talk, with Markus (left) and Reavis (right).

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Spnecer, giving you black robed monk realness. Or maybe he's the secret Staten Island ninja!

NYU classes must be finishing up right around now.

Smiling because they heard I'm debuting on Fire Island this Friday at the Pines' low tea. Come see me get Donna Summer on your ass.

Marlon (with friend), king of twitter even though I've been on twitter for two months now and still don't really get it.


Hiding behind a beer pint never really works.

The brains and brawn behind David Barton Gym that is Andrew G. I am DYING for the Astor Place location to open already.

Kindergarten friends, reunited 20 years later. Albert's birthday is this week too so happy birthday Albert! Whose birthday isn't this week?

David, overshadowed by a tall, brooding german named Markus in the background.

Cheers, beers and queers, y'all.

Okay, so I didn't get people to lick each others nipples or anything but I did get lots of cute photos like of Santi here. Or at least I tried. Kelvin says he'll be back this week if we'll have him.

Douggie, fresh off the plane from St. Martin and twisting his arms in some sort of double-jointed freakish demonstration. Unsurprisingly, Douggie's birthday was also this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUGGIE!

Thank you Kevin (right, with AJ) for the turquoise tank I changed into at this party. I can see you've been saving all the mesh fishnet ones for yourself.

Chris will get on the pole if you play Sheila E.'s Glamorous Life.

And this one will get on the pole if you play Ludacris' Pussy Poppin' on a Hand Stand.

Yes please.

Late night requests for Concrete Blonde are headed my way from these two.

John (left) and his man, who I think he flew in from California but I can never keep track any more.

The one and only Scott Hug, of K48 and major art star fame.

We partied till late, especially after Telfar (center, with friend) and Jeremy showed up, who used to DJ these AMAZING Kill Whitey booty parties.

This dude was apparently in the bathroom for hours and Darren got all confrontation and dude wouldn't leave the bar so some kind of physical fight broke out and Scotty had to jump in. WTF.

But on the whole, my birthday was amazing. Thank you to everyone who turned up and brought me presents and to DJ Will for DJing an awesome set. See you next week. xoxo, Sparber.


Lucky Pierre said...

Yay, lots of pics of you in a tank top. It's a banner day for me!

Anonymous said...

okay why no shout out for lykke li? or is that pretentious? or is it just not her? or maybe she was a bitch? or you just don't care?

Sparber said...

Was that here? I had no idea.

CEC said...

I was about to ask what was up with that... that is totally Lykke Li.