Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Don't let Da Brat languish in the slammer for three years for hitting a girl in the face with a rum bottle! That's the message we tried to get out last Wednesday at Good Times at Eastern Bloc, where we celebrated all things strong, black and womanly.

Greg did his best Candis Cayne in front of the fan, then requested Bytches With Problems and Sister Souljah which a both a bit too hardcore, even for me.

Greg E. (right) says, "Kiss the cock. Love the Cock."

Mike's last drink of freedom, since he headed back to teaching on Thursday and will be out of commission for nine months and 28 days.

PEACE is back (except in Iraq and Afghanistan).

The ever-handsome Daniel, who seemed to have gotten into a tussle with the cameraman over getting his photo taken, though came out looking adorable as always in the end.

These two are reminding you that you can't play with their yo-yo's.

Giving Willie Nelson meets Anne of Green Gables braided hair realness.

Sampson, Paul and friend (from right), probably digging on you diggin' on diggin' on me, as TLC once sang. R.I.P. Lisa Left Eye Lopez.

Lots of sweaters over button-downs were present this Wednesday, a reminder that fall has arrived along with incoming frosh such as this cutie on the right.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY LUPINACCI! As fun as it is to refer to him as Total Top Tony (his former go-go boy moniker), its even more fun to say his full name with as much gusto as possible: TONY LUPINACCI.

Thank you for the bunny ears Jimmy.

Taken during Kylie Minogue's "In My Arms," mostly because Jon Jon was probably wondering how does it feel in myyyyy armmmmmmms.

Leaping leprechans! Halloween is only two months away. Dude totally needs to use this hat again as the guy from Lucky Charms. Magically delicious!

A dancer enjoys the musings of Khia's My Neck, My back, which always goes over well with the straights and the gays.

Next week, Andre is helping to host WIGS AND WIENERS at Good Times, where everyone is invited to wear a wig and chow down on frankfurters and other weenie selections.

I feel like any girl that wears those glasses is going to draw immediate comparisons to Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin for the next few weeks. Though would it really be all that shocking if Palin (or her daughters) were dancing on the pole at Eastern Bloc?

If this pole could talk.

Benji, back in black and complimenting me on my semi-jewfro.

If Valdez (left) had it his way, we would just have to play Cut Copy on repeat for an entire evening to make him happy. Is Sampson biting on his bra strap?

Cameron IS boobylicious.

Hunky visitors with friends who might wear their hats a little too askew but we're too distracted by their beautiful faces to notice.

DO. NOT. ASK. There always has to be one.

Eddie (left) and friend, asking whadaya like, a whole lotta foreplay right before we get it starrrr-ted.

Rob, Simon, Kevin and Jonathan (from left) are Good Times! Well, Simon doesn't look like he's having such good times, but that's because I hadn't played the Knife for him yet.

My scruffy beard fetish is slowly morphing into a pencil-thin mustache fetish.

Me (right) and the posse, which happened to include Amanda Lepore's fiancee that night (bottom right) or so I was told.

Do you think he and Amanda share lip collagen? I kid, I kid. He is a beautiful man with fantastic features and a thing for world-famous trannies. How could you not love him?

SO TOTALLY PATRICK. That's Patrick's email address and it's pretty much the only thing I can think about when I see him. He's also a snazzy dresser who wear's shiny clothes that can only be described totally Patrick.

Kelvin (left) fell in love on Wednesday with our visiting friend from London named Chris (right). Chris used to dance at Eastern Bloc and is 200% pure beefcake.

Well-tanned boys who look like they could be visiting from Los Angeles or a place where they can stay tan all year (like Hollywood Tans).

Marwin (left) and a handsome chap, grooving on Jimmy's favorite Lynard Skynard cd, Sweet Home Alabama, which I sometimes feel the need to intentionally scratch with my keys.

Havent' we met? You're some kind of beautiful stranger.

The always animated Marlon (not to be confused with Marwin two pics above), who has some rule about only going out every other week even though he is like an 18 year old temp or something like that.

At the end of the night (read: 355am), everyone left the bar except for this guy, who lingered for five minutes, then came back to the DJ booth and asked, is that it? Ummm, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

Brooklyn gays (the giveaway is the hankerchief) browsing through something artsy.

So Totally Patrick's beard is so totally ginger, just like mine!

One more Svedka drink please, because as Da Brat once sang, THAT'S WHAT I'M LOOKIN' FOR.

Last week's Chris Robinson sighting turned out NOT to be Chris Robinson (sad, I know). His name is actually Frank and I suspect he is quite charming based upon his myspace profile (shallow, I know).

Chris (right) sometimes has to fend boys off the way David Gest has to fend off rumors that he's gay.

A great once and a while, I post a pic of people sucking face and then those people see it and get all embarrassed and want it remove. This just happened. But if you could imagine, their body language was very junior high slow dance. Cue Bryan Adams' Everything I Do (I Do It For You).

James, sad that summer has come to a close and there are no more McCarren Pool parties. Ever. But inside he's excited for Wigs and Wieners at the next Good Times. Come!

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