Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back from Brazil

Last week, I traveled south of the equator to visit Salvador, Brazil's third largest city. I'll be posting some pictures later on in the week but for now, I give you with The Bottle Dance, a late 90s dance craze that swept through Brazil. Apparently, they played videos like this in the middle of the afternoon. Even my friend's 83-year-old grandma did the bottle dance for me when I mentioned it. I'm thinking of repopularizing it in New York:


diana said...

you so should repopularize it! at one of the mayor's galas perhaps?

Sparber said...

hell yes. im djing for they mayor in two weeks. and im bringing a bottle.

StinkyPoo said...

WOAH. That dude in the spandex and latex vest is tha bomb!!