Wednesday, May 06, 2009


SWINE FLU PARTY! That's right - we went there. Last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc's Good Times party, I baked bacon chocolate chip cookies, fried up some bacon strips and played all the pork-inspired music I could think of. It was sick.

Charles (left) said Harriet (fakin' on da phone) totally bolted down to Good Times from her comedy show when she heard we had bacon. I'm DYING to see her stand up routine.

My bacon chocolate chip cookies were a huuuuuuuge hit. Salty + sweet = how can you go wrong?

Mike (right) left in a hurry and didn't really explain himself but it might have had something to do with Greg snapping 20 photos of him at once.

Tommy (left) and a bacon loving friend. Why didn't anyone sport a SARS mask?

NBC camera crew in the house! Apparently our Good Times party is that famous! (or Alan Cumming was being filmed for a spot on those taxi tvs. You decide.)

Cubanburg (left), out of hiding for a rare Good Times appearance.

Gabriel (right), looking all cute and clean cut. SWINE FLU DOESN'T DISCRIMINATE GABRIEL! Also, to the guy/girl on the far right and everyone else out there, please no more retardo headbands this summer. Thank you.

Now this is what I'm talking. Forget Alan Cumming (left) - this dude is obviously the real star of the party.

Swine flu can be spread by close contact with others who harbor the illness.

I think Makario, Steve and Mark (from left) tried my cookies and loved them, or at least that's what they told me.

Ooooooh - it's hot Mikie (left). Like, DJ Mikie, that dude from Brazil who did the Cruising parties but then disappeared for a few years, hopefully to get more tattoos like that one on his back. Why do I know all this?

Can we say I've found my new muse?!?!?

Bacon makes Harriet do all sorts of dirty things, especially when it's permeating through the bar thanks to the strip I stick in the fan.

Dude and dudette that were out partying with Alan. Doesn't he vaguely look like a younger Rudy Ghoul-iani?

Bacon and cookies and bacon chocolate chip cookies. You missed the best Good Times ever! (till this coming week, when we celebrate my birthday. And bartender Darren's birthday. And Lil' Garrett's birthday).

Dominicano to Cubano: Cesar (right) hugging Eddie, saying something dirty and spanish in his ear.

Jakey and his ladies, reenacting the early stages of swine flu.

Okay, not everybody loved my bacon chocolate chip cookies.

Wishing I had made pigs in a blanket. Little do they know that we already served those at our wigs and wieners party, which we so need to do another one of.

Michael (left) and friend, rocking out to Nine Inch Nails' March of the Pigs. Now doesn't it make you feel better?

Good Times' playboy bunnies (complete with bunny ears - thanks for that), Greg (left) and Jeff.

Alan (left) and Kelvin, best friends forever. Catch Kelvin in the next Xmen movie too!

So for everyone who's wondering, I'd like the Ab Fab dvd series for my birthday. Or a jockstrap. Or a nice tank top.

I'm not saying these kids are stoned just because they're eyes are all heavy-lidded, but I am saying that I lost track of how many bacon chocolate chip cookies Kevin (right) ate after his fifth or sixth.

New York and Mark A. (right) say fuck you to swine flu! We didn't want to go to Mexico this summer anyway!

All I wanna do is zoom-a zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom.

Michael (left) and Jared, getting into that Rupaul track Champion off her latest album, which is very tea dance '09 (especially cuz I'm playing a few tea dances in '09).

Gays love a good lap ride almost as much as a they love a good moustache ride.

Jeff (left), making that why-are-you-playing-rupaul look.


Eddie, Mark and Alan (from left), giving us that "after 230am" yawn.

Yup, it's definitely past 230am.

I can bet you ANYTHING that she requests Womanizer every time she goes out to a gay bar.

The other white meat.

My favorite ladies, who also came out to our final Kingswood party this past Sunday. But fear not - I'm doing my first guest DJ spot downstairs at Vandam early on this coming Sunday. GAG!

Another mode of swine flu transmission.

This is how it all begins...

The things that dreams are made of.

See you next week at my Good Times birthday party! xo, Sparber.

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