Wednesday, May 20, 2009


By special request of Eastern Bloc co-owner and bartender Gabriel, I gathered together all the David Morales and Da Brat remixes I could find to do a special Mariah Carey birthday bash for Gabriel's birthday at last week's Good Times.

These ladies were ALL about the Mariah, and when I say ladies, I'm including Andre (center, aka Shaquanda) in that statement. He even dressed as Mariah and did a Mimi tribute later in the week at Mr. Black, so we hear.

These chicks are 4real4real. As in, they're not trannies, or at least I don't think they're trannies.

Eric (right) and Santi are closeted Mariah fans who only let their inner Hello Kitty out on special occassions like this. Eric even texted me his fantasy Mariah request: Fantasy.

Anytime you need a friend! I will, be here.

Apart from the Loverboy on the left, shiny black leather-like coats appear to be all the rage this spring.

Speaking of loverboys, come on and love me, cuz I'm a sugar daddy.

I seriously only played three non-Mariah songs all night, though none of them included 2 Live Crew, as this picture seems to suggest.

With all 200 of the birthdays that we've been celebrating in May, Mathew (left) has yet replicate his salty sweet chocolate cake that so deliciously took me to heaven a few months back.

Getting ready to shake it off (just like a Calgon commercial).

Josh (left) and Wyatt, who's wearing an amazing ape or bonobo tshirt.

Queens can get all in a tizzy about Madonna versus Mariah and who has more number one singles at one time for more albums yada yada yada. They're both as gay as it gets, bo'kay?

Kevin Clamato (bottom left) is always a vision of love, no matter how tan he appears.

All I Want for Christmas is Brian W. (second from right) to come visit New York many more times. And bring Zach S. with you next time.


There are a lot of prints and plaids and fake bowties going on here but it somehow seems to work.

It's like that, y'all. That, y'all...'s like It's like that-tha-tha-that, a-like that y'all!

Every boy's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

Davy and Evans (rights), who apparently has a hard time keeping his eyes open in photos. This is like, the 10th photo Kelvira took of him but the only one where his eyes are half open. Sorry Evans!

Bottoms up.

Wyatt, Kevin and John (clockwise from bottom), who migrated from the train to the club, the bar to VIP (DJ booth) and then back to Brooklyn and New Jersey respectively.

She's ready to rock 'n' roll, Joan Jett, Lita Ford and the Runaways style, which just so happens to be next week's theme. And Michael T. is guest DJing with me!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABRIEL! Gabe (left) was as giddy as a 13-year-old girl getting lots of pink presents thanks to the Mariah soundtrack. Meanwhile, Darren (right) and I will be in Berlin as of Tuesday. Get in touch with us!

We belong together.

Touch my body, and by body, I mean adam's apple.

Who knew I had enough Mariah Carey music to last me an entire evening, including her covers of I Didn't Mean to Turn You on (Glitter!) and Against All Odds (weird).

Jimmy (left, with AJ), who popped a piece of gum before he embarked on a little game of tonsil hockey.

A vision of love, front and center!

Something tells me they wandered into the wrong bar but couldn't leave until they finished out Don't Forget About Us.

Get into that halter top vest over the leotard.

I think these chicks partied with us from like, 10 till 4. They also requested Janet Jackson's That's the Way Love Goes, which is somehow missing from my collection. Blasphemy.

Did I mention that Jimmy did his month set this past week AND bought a yummy whole food birthday cake for Gabe? He kept bragging about how it was super fancy cuz it was from whole foods but also super yummy, which it was. Especially at 2am.

No caption necessary.

To the floor.

White tiessssss, goin' through my mind. (Vision dreams of passion.)

Drunk Kyle (left), draping his tongue wherever it may land...

...such as Charles' cheek.

Dior Mondster! It'd be even better if his shirt said Desi Monster.

Tackled by a denim tuxedo.

Loving those tuxedo ruffles on the handsomeness in the center.

Waiting for a hero to come along.

You can really plug any Mariah title or lyric into this here caption because all her titles are kind of the same. Loving You Long Time. Sweetheart. Dreamlover. Take your pick!

Yes. Kids always get freaky to the one and only Fantasy remix featuring the late, great Old Dirty Bastard.

Oh James. If only you could have joined us at Greenhouse the past two Sundays instead of working there on Wednesdays. This Sunday, I'll be bring my disco set to the Garden of Ono at the Hotel Gansvoort for their 12-6 brunch. More, more, more!

Usually respectable folks like this leave by 230am because they have work the following day, which leads me to believe these two are Scandinavian tourists.

For the handsome bearded hooligans, they mostly hang out till 4am and hug it out with mohawk-y, headbanded drunkards.

Someone was on cruise control and it worked.

Big Scot to Danny (left), friend, me in the background and all the Good Times children: You will always be my babies.

Jimmy and friend, searching for that gum Jimmy had had earlier.

Michael T. (left) says see you next week, especially cuz Michael and I will be rocking out to Joan Jett, Lita Ford and the Runaways. Kiss me deadly!

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