Saturday, May 30, 2009


I've been partying till noon in Berlin every day so its been hard to put together sentences, let alone caption photos and blog on time. Therefore, we'll be doing me and Michael T.'s Joan Jett/Runways party from two weeks ago at Good Time at Eastern Bloc in two parts, since it was the ch-ch, ch-ch, ch-ch, ch-ch, cherry BOMB.

Since I'm in Aryan nation at the moment, what better way to kick off this week's photos than with aryan bartender Sam and his handsomely high cheek-boned friends.

Keisha told me I gave her her workout for the week when I turned her out with an 8 minute version of Cher's Take Me Home (the rock 'n' roll didn't start till later).

Then Keisha fell into the laps of two androgynous lady boys and was whisked away into the night.

That 10pm - 11pm slot is kind of my warm-up disco hour, which always gets the happy hour crowd on their feet dancing. Boney M. Happy Song!

Oshy (right) and Saskia in a rare Eastern Bloc appearance to see our friend who was visiting from Buenos Aires. Oshy was still in competitive mode from our Sunset Park bowling game the night before.

Practice makeout session with his mojito.

The kinkiest beard since Katie Holmes.

I can only pray that I was playing Giorgio Moroder at this point in the evening because his songs always inspire me to do the robot as well.

Mikey (right) and his man Garrett, in between talking about cats and knitting and other things that go along with their newfound lesbian lifestyle.

Markus (right) finally scored a working visa and is well on his way to transitioning from Bavarian cream pie to full-fledged American.

Celeste (left) and gang, catching up on their good ol' days at Boston College when James (second from left) used to wear lots more nail polish.

Ken (center) says he was reallllllllllly drunk this night, meaning he probably has no idea who these people are but still tried to get them to hire him for future styling gigs.

Very, very excited for night bird Michael T.'s imminent arrival.

If these armpits could talk.

A major Michael T. fan here on the left, who rocked out till 4am and then on to the after party and I'm sure the after after party, which was held uptown at McDonalds at 630am.

Dude on the left, giving Apple startup realness!

My bubbeleh! My Mahogany! My Jaime Burke (left, with Garry) is leaving us for Provincetown June 1 to October 1, aka FOREVER! Good Time will be on freestyle moratorium until he returns.

And if Jaime's departure weren't bad enough, Sammy Jo (left) is shoving off to Barcelona for the entire summer as well :( On the bright side, I'll be filling for future underwear party DJ gigs, including one this coming Friday, June 5, at midnight in the Pines on Fire Island.

Unenthused by Joan Jett's cover of Crimson and Clover.

A handsome young visitor from Israel named Joel (right), who kept saying my full name over and over and over though I don't think we had ever met before. A twerking fan perhaps?

School's out for summah! Don't forget to bring an ID kids, even if it's chalked (is that still a thing?)

Ken (left), not even noticing that there's a camera at this point. This is just how he stands and poses in general.

Throwing up the satan horns as a true rock 'n' roller in a suit jacket should.

The opposite of Everyday People.

To the one on the right: do you wanna touch me, do you wanna touch me there?

James (left) and Cameron, for whom I played Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) not once, not twice, but three times in six hours.

Scott (left) and Garrett, showing off his suave new haircut and svelte summer bod.

Evoking One-Half Nelson with a half nelson.

Devin (left) has the best tank tops evs. Steve (center) is just the plain old best evs. And Kyra was in rare form this particular Wednesdays. Let's just leave it at that.

Andrew (right) with yet another handsome stranger who he brought to our Good Times party. Keep 'em coming Andrew!

What? It's midnight and Ms. Michael T. still isn't here yet? Just wait till part two of the pictures, my pretties. She will arrive and she will give shows.

Me (left) and my ladies, cuz we don't give a damn about our bad reputations. TO BE CONTINUED...

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