Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Following a ruckus New York City Halloween, we kept it pretty low key at last week's Good Times at Eastern Bloc party. I mean, as low key as a Staten Island-themed freestyle party could be, which ended up being very NOT low-key in the end.

A trio of tourists, Juan, Eoin and Pere (from left), had heard me DJ over in London and followed me all the way to the East Village of New York City for an intimate nu-disco dance party that kicked off the evening.

Internet date.

Sammy has been our Wednesday night mainstay behind the bar while Gabe is out traveling the country and been giving us a new understanding of what a stiff drink really is.

Mel, Demetre and Gabriel (from right), suited up in their dancing boots.

Repping Staten Island for the Staten Island party.

Getting into the entire Exposé album along with the rest of us.


Serving up school teacher on a stripper pole realness.


East Village boys are so good at showing some chest, even in the midst of an arctic cold front.

Jewbear Eric (right) and I are planning the biggest and best Hanukkah party ever this year, which might even showcase a special guest performer this year. Stay tuned for more Dec. 8th details.

William and his special Scottish friend from Halloween weekend. Insert costume and mask joke here.

DANCE PARTY USA! Fist pumping like a good gang of Staten Island wannabes.

Axl Rose.


Me, my Puerto Rican sidekick Kelvin (who is kind of like the Chuy to my Chelsea Lately) and the wrath of my infamous armpits.

We were deep into Freez's I.O.U. and Debbie Deb at this point in the night, which apparently Andre (left) wasn't too thrilled with.

Revenge of the armpits!

See you next week at our special space disco Good Times with guest DJ Mark Louque (of Provincetown Fagbash fame). Friends don't let friends do Jaeger shots! xo

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