Tuesday, November 02, 2010


London how I love thee. I DJed four parties, including Dirtbox, which was by far the steamiest and scruffiest of all.

Andrea and I picked up dinner on the way to the clurrrb after I traded him my Boy London hat in exchange for his...well, you'll see.

Jos G., one-third of the Dirtbox trio and the handsomest hair burner teddy bear in London. He DJed a wicked acid house set right before me.

Mr. Vickers (right) and Ms. Linington, ready for me to drop some Alexis Jordan.

Vogue Fabrics is an underground club in both the figurative and literal sense. And it got real pack real early.

Jeremy (right) and Joseph, sippin' 40s even though they're not called 40s in England cuz they don't measure by the ounce.

JR turned up to show some American support and make some new non-American friends.

Ciao Alessandro. Come stai?

Someone helped modify Sean's shirt by ripping it down the center and exposing his glorious chest hair. It actually kind of looks like a JWoww creation.


WRESTLING SINGLET! No idea whats going on in the lower half, as I didn't pack a banana or anything.

Jeremy (left), giving you moves for dayz.

It got so hot downstairs that you nearly forgot it was nearly freezing outside, though this never stops the London fashion from dressing up or dressing down.

I love the Vogue Fabrics owner! I mean, do any bar owners in New York get this involved with their parties?!

The lovely ladies of Vogue Fabrics, who slung drinks late into the night and were absolute pleasures to play for.

The Dirtbox babes known as Alex (left) and Michael, who turned out an amazing dance set and have succeeded in throwing one of the best parties around.

Random Cypriot (center) and Trinidadian-English (right) dudes, who came closest to letting you have it New York style on the dancefloor.

Soaking wet.

The look of love.

Did I mention that every guy at the party was bearded and hot?

Totally taking over the wrestle boy moniker now that's its been out of use for a hot minute.

Euro hipster shirt.

Matthieu (left) and Edu, or as Matthieu wrote in his mobile phone, "Eduardo Cute."

That time of the night when we all had to find our clothes, pack it up pack it in, and move on to the after party.

WIGS! Yes. This is an after party universal. Getting drunk and trying on wigs at 6am. Who knew?!

Thank you London! I had the best time ever. Hope to be back real real soon.

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