Wednesday, November 24, 2010


One week, two DJ jobs, parties and pork rinds. That was my past week in San Francisco, starting with one of my all time favorite spots, Booty Call at Q Bar, which just celebrated its three year anniversary.

Go-go dancers that look like Kelvin! Except everyone in San Francisco is Mexican, not Puerto Rican, and really really friendly.

I was actually in the DJ booth for most of the night so I relied on my kind SF hosts to snap photos of chicks chugging bottles of beer at a 100% gay bar in the 1000% gay part of town.

Beard Papas.

Gingers. They're everywhere!

Booty Call is filled with tons of young, sexy men that have moved out west from Idaho and Nevada and just wanna dance every night of the week.

Mel (right) caught wind of this dude near the door repping our good friends Will and Sean B.'s tank for their NYC-based Spank party, which they've also brought out west with lots and lots of success.

It wouldn't be a proper trip to SF without tons and tons of drag.

Connie Girl? Is that you?

The Booty Call queens tended to be a bit more demure than the other party I did, where bearded drag is the norm.

DJs got us fallin' in love (with New York) again.

Miss Ronnie (left) is the REASON! On Friday, she did a Whitney Houston number to I'm Your Baby Tonight that brought down the house!

Thank you x 1000 to Joshua J. (pictured) and Juanita More, who invited me to DJ their stellar Wednesday event. Fingers are crossed that Josh is gonna bring me back soon for a lil' Nicki Minaj soiree.

On Friday, I returned to Some Thing at the Stud, which was 1990s themed that particular night, hence hostess Mica/Vivvy performing Kurt Cobain's suicide note as read by Courtney Love.

My San Francisco muse, Ms. Lady Bear up in the DJ booth.

Facebook friends!

By the end of the very late evening, Vivvy was pinned down by a tall Saudi in the background while Mr. David and Stanley did interpretive dance to Shakespeare's Sister.

Staaaaaaaay. Wiiiiiiiiiiith. Meeeeeeeeeee.

This seriously went on till the kicked us out of the bar and I tried to steal Stanley's leather coat.

Our new Saudi drag friend Fadi, aka Tara Rist.

We also checked out the Tonga Room (!!!), a somewhat dilapidated and totally major Tiki bar beneath the Fairmont Hotel that looks just as it did when it was remodeled in 1967. Save the Tonga Room!

Juanita (pictured) also hosted and DJed a Saturday night party at the Powerhouse called Beatpig, where she gave out pork rinds and spankings to anyone kind enough to ask her for either.

A quick salsa with my most gracious host Roberto (left) and the one and only Juanita.

Thank you San Francisco. Hope to see you again soon!


Back in NYC for Purple Gravy Good Times this Wednesdays, Thanksgiving Eve! Cameron Cooper (of Gag! fame) and I turn out the Prince, Vanity, Apollonia tracks. Don't miss it. xo

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GoldenStiletto said...

I spy with my little eye some hag drag! Once upon a time el Trannyshack was visiting my watering hole in Waikiki, Hawaii, and I met a sweet hag drag with some smelly squid fingers.

The Golden Stiletto drag blog sends some love Sparber xo
Suisse Kelly