Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Inspired by the excellent job Rich over at fourfour has been doing with his Jersey Shore recaps, I took a minute to screen grab and marvel at the wonder that is beefcake Ronnie and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. Ten notes I took on this week's episode.

1. Ronnie needs to be shirtless for the entire episode, every episode. And then get his own shirtless spinoff.

2. Ronnie would fit perfectly into a 98 Degrees made-for-TV movie playing the role of Nick Lachey.

3. Pauly D has this shirt in short sleeve...

...and tank top.

But so does Ronnie and Sammi, so I guess its their uniform when they're not out "clubbing" at Karma or Bamboo.

4. Speaking of clubbing, who wears this out on the town?! Jwoww, apparently.

5. And speaking of Bamboo, who is THIS hotness that broke up the Jwoww fight?

6. I loved how the storyline got all Mean Girls when some Jersey girl referred to Snooki as fat.

...and Jwoww, lessening the blow, later told everybody that they were all called fat.

7. But back to a shirtless Ronnie: why oh why do you shave your Pits Ron Ron?

8. Remember when Mike called him Ron Ron and they got all cuddly after dinner?

9. It wasn't as creepy as that night vision camera MTV has set up in the bedrooms to catch every waking (and sleeping) moment like this one. Not that I'm mad at it. Just sayin'.


Tune in next week to see Vinny say nothing, Mike fail at picking up chicks and more importantly, to watch a little homoerotic boardwalk wrestling with Ronnie!

And speaking of shirtless Italian-American MTV beefcake spinoffs, who saw the debut of Frank the Entertainer's Basement Affair show last night? Frank's really gonna need to be shirtless in each and every episode for this one to keep my attention. Let the frank bulge watch begin.


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