Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Most mommies keep it low-key right after birthing a baby but not Ms. Roisin Murphy. The former Moloko singer dropped Momma's Place on us last week and we were lucky enough to score a yet-to-be-released remix that called for another Roisin celebration at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party.

Robert (right) helped start the party off on the right foot...

...and dude on the left helped start Robert's evening off on the right foot. I'm pretty sure they left before 11pm open vodka bar kicked in, though I'm sure one of them got hammered.

Velma? Is that you? What ever happened to Velma? Did she lose out in some gay bar turf war?

As you will notice, many of our patrons have their tongues out in a number of pictures. We'll just rack this up to inspiration from Roisin's other new track, Orally Fixated, which we can't wait to hear remixes of (or remix ourself).


Tim (right) and an androgynous lesbian friend. JK! I know that's a dude (who loves anything Ani DiFranco).

David (left) and his harem of shorties. David told me he prefers to hang with shorter dudes because "tall people suck." I'm guessing he ordered his drinks from Darren instead of Gabe.

This could have been the most beautiful May December relationship known to man.

Steven and his boys, giving you plaid on plaid to make you cross-eyed with dizzyness and Spike Lee's Do The White Thing with that biker cap look, courtesy of Tork (which almost sounds like Twerk. Future baby naming idea!)

Andy (left) and his hot Israeli piece of falafel balls.

That middle finger of Eddie's (with Kevin) seems to be permanently stuck in the upright position.

Not sure what the Russian mafia was up to hanging out in this here corner...

...but apparently they like they're pointy suede shoes.

Real Women Have Curves.

And speaking of real women, how gorgeous do Keisha (left) and Stephanie Stone look?! Dying a thousand deaths over the gorgeousness of this here picture.

How Mikey (right, with me) missed the bear event of the century at the Drenched pool party on Saturday is beyond me, but it now looks like Justin Irvine and Chris Schultz will be duking it out for the title of King Cub at the next Drenched event.

Plaid on plaid on plaid on plaid on plaid.

I can only hope that one day, someone yells "Is there a doctor in the house" and Demetre (right) appears wearing this outfit.

Yes to everything about the dreamboat in the beret and sleeveless fur with studded fingerless leather gloves.

If only they knew what we have in store at Good Times for black history month next month.

Still orally fixated.

Did Andre really order a glass of red wine at Eastern Bloc?! "If anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!"

Sow into you, or maybe he's just sow into that beer.

Face, face, face! I can only imagine what kind of beauty face Keisha will give at next week's Bitch Tracks Good Times with guest DJ. I fully expect Keisha to 1) Walk for Me, 2) Work This Pussy and 3) SERVE!

Stephanie and I were having our own little ball in the booth as Keisha gave us the Queen's English AND the Queen's Spanish.

Damian Nunes doppelganger much?

Alex (center), two friends and a belly button that is trying to pop out and say haaaaaay!

Jonathan (right) and Nate, realizing that Dear Miami/You're the first to go/disappearing/under melting snow was actually a Roisin Murphy prophecy come true, making Roisin a prophet! (with a new baby messiah.)

Ryan Smith and friends, who've been stuck on an acid trip in the very same spot since Lina's Led Zeppelin Good Times.

As always, everyone wants to cram into a pic with the biggest celeb at our weekly party, the go-go pole!

Overpowered by the Roisin Murphy fun.

Tek Shur (in the plaid) is like the Mr. T barback/coatcheck of Eastern Bloc with his array of chains and rosaries which we've come to know and love.

If they're in love they should make love.

Kelvin insisted that I post this pic of Evans, which captures his adorable smile and charm even in compromising situations.

Odyssey Magazine Mike in thie hizz-ouse.

"Lean on me. When you're not strong."

Double time.

Gag! Mega-gag! So many things to gag about I don't even know where to start.

Let's start with that hat. OMFG. Nelson. I LIVE. And of course she came to the club in a fur.

Get into the neon pink leg warmers in a cowboy boot. We can even play who wore it better with Xander's leopard robe or Keisha's leopard snuggie. If you haven't heard Xander's hit sing The Look, you need to download it NOW. It will be on blast at Bitch Track Good Times too.

Everyone loves a black winter coat.

Thank GOD Darren is back from the blustery nether regions of Berlin and Copenhagen, where he must have picked up these designer euro glasses and decided to forsake bartending for the life of (looking like) an architect.

The things you miss when you leave our party before 3. And at next week's party, there's an extra special late night surprise in store so you best be sticking around.

Of all the amazing things in this photo, all I can say is NITA IN A SEQUINED MARILYN MANSON TEE!

Nita and I will def see you next week where you will Watch Us Serve an evening of Bitch Track. NOT. TO. BE. MISSED.

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