Thursday, January 28, 2010


San Juan
Atlantic Beach Hotel - San Juan's "premiere gay hotel" on Condado Beach is less gay in its interior (the rooms are pretty bare bones) and more gay when it comes to handsome young Puerto Rican bartenders at the outdoor beach bar with mega-tweezed eyebrows. Right outside the lobby door is two-car parking spot turned cruising place for San Juan locals.

Circo - This was the Sunday night place to be. And they had laser lights like this. And they played Charlotte's Skin. I loved it.

Flamenco Beach - Lives up to its reputation as one of the top beaches, especially when you're sleeping steps away from it and pretty much have it to yourself morning, noon and night. There's also a camping section at the far end which is oddly quite gay.

Navio Beach - How did I run into not one, but two separate NYC fags that I know while hiding under a palm tree here?

Bio Bay - Imagine painting your body in day-glo and nightswimming in a bay lit by blacklight. Heavy hallucinogens recommended.

Coconuts Restaurant - SUSHI PIZZA. Get into it.


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