Thursday, October 02, 2008


Last night, wunder DJs Michael Magnan and Telfar, two of the bestest in NYC, ended their long-running Wednesday party at the Cock called Slurp, presumably due to budget cuts, Linda Simpson's departure and the plethora of other residencies they hold. Where will the children go after Good Times?!!

One place you can find Telfar and Michael, along with me this coming Saturday, is Mr. Black. I'm on hosting duties upstairs, along with Ladyfag and Timmy D., who we hear has had a special snakeskin tux tailored specially for the evening.

Email me if you'd like to get on my list and get in for free this coming Saturday.

1 comment:

MICHAEL said...

Oh by "budget cuts" you must mean the smell of faulty plumbing...

thanks boo, you're sweet.