Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Just a few photos from last week's Good Times party. I forgot how quiet a Wednesday can be after a three-day weekend, though I did my fair share of running around for Memorial Day too and was still still feeling it when Michael Magnan guested with me last week at Eastern Bloc.

An early drive-by by my DJ brother Dicap, who is also coming to San Francisco with me to party and bullshit and DJ at the end of June for their Pride, which is so far the best pride party I've attended though I hear Madrid and Tel Aviv are up there as well.

The three bears, in search of their Goldilocks for the evening.

I've already gushed over our guest DJ Michael Magnan time and time again but goddamn does he know how to DJ and turn out an awesome set.

Original Good Times gangsters Michael (left) and JR, both of whom helped me get nostalgic for the past six years of good times that we've had together at this little ol' bar on sixth street near Avenue A.

A San Francisco treat in the form of Mr. McShannock (left), who stuck to the front end of the bar with our dear friend Sean so they could get first dibs on all the new bar entrants and last licks (literally) on everyone exiting.

THE MYSTERY PINK TINT CONTINUES, this week on DJ Buddha Funkenstein. I'm convinced that our semi-invincible digital camera is waiting until June 26th, the very last Good Times (with DONKEY DJing!), before it flies off to digital camera heaven after a job well done for each and every Wednesday. (PS - DONKEY is DJing in LA this Sunday at the Standard West Hollywood. And I'm DJing Cub Scout Friday night too. Come).

I had no idea who these people are and how that got in the DJ but now I'm remembering that the one holding a beer repeatedly requested Daft Punk's Get Lucky and then stopped the track that was playing with his elbow. No messiness in the DJ booth! (unless you're the DJ).

See you next week for the fourth to last Good Times and a vinyl set by the always awesome Ron Like Hell. xo, Sparber

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