Wednesday, June 12, 2013


IT'S THE LAST MONTH OF GOOD TIMES! As part of the final month's festivities over at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, we've brought in some of the big guns to ensure that our six-year-long party gets a proper send-off. Last Wednesday, one of my favorite guests/DJs/persons of all-time ever, Ron Like Hell, returned to our decks to deliver a set hovering mostly around 105 beats per minute. We gagged.

Really living for Joey right now, who has been out and about a bit more now that he isn't busy filming with Snooki and Jwoww. He tore it up with us last Wednesday after a really ruckus Tuesday when we both went to see Lil' Kim. #partygirls

Paul (right) has also been out and about a bit more of late, possibly feeling more settled since he moved to New York from San Francisco back in the beginning of April. We'll miss him in SF this year when we head west again for our favorite pride celebration in the world.

Touch this skin, honey. Touch all of this skin.

I'm still reeling from the awesomeness that is J4's newish party in the basement of the Monster on Sundays called Beatjuice. It's a great mix of music and performance as well as new school nightlife meets old school pier queens who hang at the Monster and give runway for your nerves.

It truly feels like every single East Village resident has relocated to either Bushwick, Bed-Stuy or Crown Heights, which is why its always comforting to see locals Eric (left) and Jared pop in to our little watering hole known as Eastern Bloc.

Kelechi (right) has vowed to make up for missed Good Times by attending ALL of our remaining parties in June. He should be extra psyched for next week since my favorite DJ/producer of the moment, Rizzla (he sampled Let's Get Soaking Wet / Dive in the Pool on his latest EP. Nuff said) is guesting along with my JIZZ co-DJ Anthony Dicapua aka DICAP.

Ron Like Hell, live on two turntables and turning the party out.

Sorry about the Butt Magazine-like pink after effects on these photos. I'd love to blame Ryan (left) since he's both tight with the Butt boys (no pun intended) and a stealth promoter but I'm pretty sure our digital camera is just on the fritz.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY! Everyone's favorite Panamanian Jew celebrated another year of his wonderful existence with us and I think there might have even been cake involved but much like this photo, that part of the night is a bit of a blur.

Jeff, not to be confused with Roi in the following picture.

Roi, not to be confused with Jeff in the previous picture.

Matt, mastering the art of the Negroni, which he continued making for me all night long until I drunk and ready for my airplane hangover on the way to Los Angeles the following day. (PS - Thank you Los Angeles! I had so much fun DJing Brutus and with DONKEY at The Standard. Hope to see you again soon.)

Ron Like Hell (pictured) played one of the most unbelievable sets ever. By the third song I was living and by the time he ended with a dub of Heaven 17's Let Me Go, I was in tears. RON IS THE BEST!

Winter, summer and leather shows.

And of course there was the late night gossip session with one of my favorite photographers ever, Jeff (left). Thank you to Ron and everyone who came out last Wednesday. Join us June 12th for the third to final Good Times with me, Rizzla and Dicap. xo, Sparber

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