Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We're in the final homestretch of our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc (we end June 26th) and so we've really been trying to make every moment / song / guest DJ a stunner. Last week, we brought in our good friend DJ Dicap to open right before our guest headliner Rizzla, who absolutely killed it with his infectious blend of dancehall and soca.

Even though Dicap, Rizzla and I all ended up using our computers, both Dicap and I have recently gone back to using CDJs—either with USBs or straight-up CDs—while an increasing number of DJs have been seen around NYC experimenting with...get ready for it...iPad DJing.

As I mentioned last week, our good ol' Good Times digicam seems to be breaking slash sad that the party is ending slash really into alien-looking, Butt Magazine–tinted snapshots such as this gorgeous shot of Buddha's secret cyborg face.

Happy birthday Charlie Q! It seems like only yesterday that you were working at the Strand and we were drinking unlimited drinks at the Hole's Big Gulp every friggin' Thursday.

More cyborg love from Luis (left) and Steven, two of my Good Times favorites who have transitioned JIZZ favorites, the monthly hip hop-flavored party Dicap and I do at Metropolitan every third Friday. We're doing one this Friday, June 21st , and then headed to SF together next Thursday.

Cyborg Mike (left, with Kevin) has been reclaiming his spot in New York nightlife after a 2.5 year hiatus in India. He is also learning that after 2.5 years, New York nightlife now extends into the early morning, which is why we're glad he still doesn't have to be anywhere at 9am yet.

DOUBLE CUTENESS OVERLOAD, courtesy of Nick (left) and Buddha.

Dicap on the right seems to be going in for a boob grab while simultaneously Vining, Facebooking and Instagramming the entire moemnt. #multitalented

Rizza gives me life. His mixes, productions and live sets (including last Wednesday's) are so unlike anything I've ever heard before in such a good way that I'm ready to follow him around the world as soon as he gets even bigger, which is due to happen at any moment.

Are they speaking again or are they fighting again. Come to the second to last Good Times on Wednesday, June 19th and find out. It'll be our Last Dance Donna Summer party with Michael T. which you know can only mean one thing: SHOWS. (PS - shout out to Rizzla's bf holding it down in the DJ booth in the background during Rizzla's epic set.)

Cyborg Darren, refueling his robot muscle body with whatever robots use for fuel.

And then this happened.

Someone actually fixed the camera for a hot minute so we could snap this loveliness for you. Darren has mentioned that our barman / coat checker / resident porn hunk Marcus Issacs might resume DJing on Wednesday nights after June. We're also hoping to still book some of our out-of-town DJ friends into Eastern Bloc after Good Times finishes for the summer.


A little late night lap dancing next to a backpack that might as well have a sign pinned to it that says STEAL ME!

Take a look at my hips, bitch.

GOOD TIMES TWERK TEAM REPRESENT! Thank you again to Dicap and the incredible DJ Rizzla and to everyone who came out to twerk with us last Wednesday. See you next week for a Last Dance with Michael T. and the second to last weekly Wednesday Good Times at Eastern Bloc. xo, Sparber

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