Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It was only fitting that last Wednesday's weather forecast called for rain, as I had invited not one but two guest DJs from two of the world's rainiest cities—London and Seattle—to guest with me at my Good Times party at Eastern Bloc.

Up first for an early set was Nic Fisher. Nic hails from London and DJs a party called Gutterslut, which I've never actually attended but after hearing his Good Times set, I'm completely sold on checking it out the next time I'm in London. #fan

I finally made it to Contessa's (center) C-Unit party last Saturday and was blown away by the DJ sets, the space and the really decent sound system considering it was an underground / renegade Brooklyn party. So much love for this girl and all the energy she puts into making New York as awesome as it is.

We hear Juan Diego (right) was on his way to Montreal shortly after he attended last week's Good Times, which only made me excited for my own upcoming excursion to Canada this July to DJ Cub Camp in Toronto.

Everyone in attendance at last week's Good Times seemed to be visiting from London (including Gregorio, Alex and Jeremy, from left), which was quite fine by me since I can always use a little more London in my life.

Edgar (left) helps run one of Pittsburgh's most major parties known as Honcho and was out and about all over New York City last week, checking out our local talent and hyping his up-and-coming home city of Pittsburgh. (Did you know that Frank Gehry's Falling Water was allegedly built for a gay owner who was fond of hosting sex parties? Not sure if that's actually true but I hope it is.)

The handsome hosts and helpers at Good Times known as Matt (left) and Marc aka Marcus Isaacs aka DJ Tekshur aka the sweetest thugged up Jersey boy I know.

At the next Good Times on May 15th, the category is First Time at the Function since we have TWO guest DJs again, Ricardo Tavares (not pictured but he's basically the younger Brazilian brother bear daddy Rich King, left) and Buddha Funkenstein (right) who are new to the Good Times family. Come give them a warm family welcome.

If you haven't heard, we're winding down Good Times on a weekly basis so you might wanna come and check out it before the end of June when we call it quits. These two did and I'm sure they woke up with a few new phone numbers in their mobiles and massive hangovers.

The sexiness that is Rafael and his lady friend / neighbor, who was having the best time ever until she suddenly wasn't and had to head home early in a cab. Hoping they're both back next week for my late night set starting at 2am.

I laugh at this graffiti every time I use the Eastern Bloc bathroom. Whoever tagged Nita and Harriet on this wallpaper, thank you for the consistent bathroom smiles. 

This one was really feeling it for the entire evening but only took his shirt off for a short while before putting it back on, adjusting his headphones and giving runway for the entire length of the bar before exiting.

Getting their Good Times on.

Guest DJ Nark (aka Kevin Kauer, left, with Jerbear) has really been carrying this past year, first with his hometown parties in Seattle and now with his nonstop DJ appearances around the US. We love a young, ambitious cutie like Nark and his DJ sets sounded great to boot. 

Backwards fitted hats seem to be on the rise of late unless you're Jonas (left), in which case the sideways ball cap seems to work quite nicely. Shout out to Adrian in the back right for looking dapper AND for pulling off another successful Frieze NYC this past weekend.

 Yes and yes. Maybe it's time for me to start thinking about visiting London more frequently.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU! Much like the fine french wines that come from his home country, Ludo (left) is getting better and better with age.

And last but not least, a late night drive-by from the awesome twosome known as Joey (left) and Matteo. See you next week for our First Time at the Function Good Times with guests Ricardo Tavares and Buddha Funkenstein. xo, Sparber

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