Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Good Times magically transformed into Jolly Times last Wednesday when the British (namely DJs David Oh and Bright Light Bright Light of London) invaded the DJ booth to recreate their 90s house  party appropriately named Another Night. 

The handsomeness that is David Oh, who, unlike his DJ partner in crime, had never DJed Good Times before. So happy that the New York-London DJ family is growing at a rapid rate. We're also looking forward to a few UK dates in the autumn ourselves. Stay tuned.  

Promoter Earl Dax strutted in wearing 10-inch pumps (or so it felt), apparently prompting stares of shade from that lady to his right. 

Munoz and Money hadn't been to Good Times in a minute and felt a little more compelled to drop in when they heard that there are only five Wednesday parties left before we wind down weekly Good Times at the end of June, take the summer off and reconvene in the fall for something brand new.

Manchild, me and Parker (from left), chit chatting about all the Memorial Day plans that laid ahead of us. After DJing DONKEY at Bassment (Thursday) and the basement of 11:11 (Friday) as well as attending both the Loft and Horse Meat Disco on Sunday, I'm happy to report that I'm still alive and so is New York City nightlife.


Kevin (left) and Steven are both long-time members of the Good Times family, though they've been on temporary absence since they've both boo-ed up and are pretty much living with their respective husbands at this point. #MatureTimes

The ginger DJ bear known as Sean McMahill has also been DJing with Bright Light Bright Light here in NYC since they both share a strong affinity for everything 90s, including Jessica Folker (which was not played) and Jennifer Paige (which WAS played).

My other DONKEY half Mikey (left), seemingly being lifted up for the ultimate carry (190 lbs!) by the DJ/production genius that is Nita Aviance.

David and friends. Our doorman Big Scot came in at the end of the night and announced that there was an overwhelming number of English, Scottish and Welsh visitors in attendance. There was also an incredible amount of alcohol consumed.

The look goes as follows.

David and Rod, playing every Steve Silk Hurley remix you could possibly want to hear and then some! We most definitely need to bring these two back at some point in the near future since the 90s are the new 80s.

Michael moved back to New York from India only a few hours before this photo was taken but insisted on attending Good Times and meeting all the handsome bearded men that he has missed out on for the past 2.5 years.

A late-night check in with Kevin G., who always arrives on time for my 2am to 4am set.

Not sure what's up with the pink tint in this week's photos but Frankie (left) and Marc still look as sexy as ever. See you next week when guest DJ Michael Magnan serves you some of New York's finest beats with me at our FIFTH TO LAST Good Times! xx, Sparber

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