Wednesday, May 01, 2013


It was such a delight to have my good friend and baby DJ brother Joey Trotto back on the decks with me at last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Joey goes by the DJ name Joey Labeija nowadays, which means he's been officially adopted into the House of Labeija, though he still has a permanent place in the House of Sparber as well.

To rep the house of Labeija, you have to turn it pretty much each and every time you go out in order to uphold the Labeija house, which is exactly what Joey did.

We are beyond sad that our friend and neighbor Frankie V. is temporarily relocating from the East Village to Jersey in order to save some dinero and strike it rich when his jewelry sells out on Watch for his upcoming sale.

Happy birthday Ricky Marson! Fritz, Ricky and Andre (from left) are old school Good Times family members and its always nice to celebrate a birthday with your sisters. Mine is next week (and as a present to myself, disco legend Bobby Viteritti is guest DJing with me).

Diego (right, with Jacob) has been busy toiling away on his own fashions and clothing line and told me he might even loan me an original item for my DONKEY DJ gig in Berlin later this summer.

That thing when you've recently done a leg workout and you really need someone to help stretch.

Striking a pose.

She eventually got kicked out of the bar after kicking on the occupied bathroom doors and then trying to start a brawl with an employee and a bouncer. Note to future door-kickers: homey don't play that at Eastern Bloc!

Our endless supply of sexy bearded and tatted up men is still going strong!

Our limited supply of sexy non-bearded and non-tattooed men was also going strong last Wednesday.

Sporting some all-American red, white and blue. Or was it more of an all-Puerto Rican / French kind of thing?

Later in the evening, Joey and I tag team DJed for a bit while my good friend James went around snapping some Good Times photos for us. Apparently this chick loved getting her photo taken.

James is starting a lemonade nation, grrrl style now. 

Me and my babies from the boogie down BX. <3 br="">

Kevin (left, with James), showing off one of his many many talents.

This guy was so sweet and soooooo bummed when I had to end my set around 350am. Sorry dude! Come back next week and catch some more great tunes, which will most likely be a little more disco oriented. 

Our Good Times staffers say see you next week for my birthday, Bobby Viteritti and more Good Times. xo, Sparber

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