Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Six short years ago, I joined on to DJ a Wednesday party at Eastern Bloc called Good Times, where I eventually learned how to turn out a gay disco dance party, say no to requests (and requesters) and snap some nightlife photography. Here's some evidence:

Charles (right) and his alter ego Steph Stone have been Good Times supporters since DAY ONE. Charles told me that one of his most memorable Good Times moments was when Drew Barrymore showed up and our former photographer Kelvin refused to snap a photo of her "because if I do, she won't come back."

We decided to keep it in the family for the sixth Good Times anniversary, which is why we enlisted the guest DJ services of our good friends and second Sunday Eastern Bloc mainstay, Dandylion. Dan had invited us to DJ with him at the second anniversary of his awesome Marinate party and we were more than happy to return the favor,

My nightlife family: Mother Michael T. on the left, mother Stephanie Stone on the right, sister Nita with me in the DJ booth and our brother Eddie, who was hooting, hollering and heckling just as every brother should.

As a special anniversary treat to us, we invited another Eastern Bloc family member (and former Miss Fire Island 2010), Miss Sabel Scities, to perform a farewell number before she shipped off to Fire Island for the summer.

Miss Sabel did NOT disappoint with her multi-mash up of lick my pussy songs that had the crowd gagging.

She confessed to me that this one of her first times up in pumps at a Good Times ball. And we encouraged her to visit more often.

Eddie, hooting, hollering and heckling in the nicest way possible.

1. Nita (left) has been turning it SO HARD with her productions and sets of late, and 2. I am so looking forward to our April 10th Good Times (tonight) when guest DJ Michael T. (right) joins me for our annual Led Zeppelin birthday Good Times for Lina (Lina left for Fire Island already but we're still playing a ton of Zep and serving Jack Daniels shots in her honor).


Giddy up let's ride, Kinsui style.

Eddie actually took over photo duties for the evening and snapped lots of middle finger portraits, though we didn't want to overdo it with the middle fingers so we're just posting this beauty with barman Rob giving us side-eye from coat check.

That time in the night when everybody started feeeeeeeeeeeling it.

Rob (right) hasn't been with us for all six years of Good Times but it's hard to remember a time when he wasn't helping out with bartending, barbacking, coatchecking and photographing in addition to being the biggest sweetheart (and Britney Spears fan) alive. We will very much miss him when he finishes up at Eastern Bloc in June.

Oh, you didn't know Sabel was sporting two looks in one evening? BAM! That's how she snatched the Miss Fire Island crown and that's how she'll be turning it all summer in Cherry Grove.

When did this angel fall from heaven and land at our party and why can't she do so every Wednesday?

Our favorite new regular, Quinn, who better be coming to Led Zeppelin Good Times on April 10th with me and Michael T. (preferably in boots for Michael) if he knows what's good for him.

Yes to the acid washed denim jacket she is sporting on the right.

Antonio (left) dropped by to say hey after he finished work around the block and we are thankful he did because we're not sure why we hadn't met this local sweetheart sooner.

Daryl kept it real in the DJ booth with me until late, wondering why anyone would want to depart from the good music and good people at Good Times, and that is exactly why we love him.

Happy six year anniversary to anyone and everyone who has ever come through our little Wednesday night party that could at Eastern Bloc in New York City. And see you next Wednesday. xo, Sparber

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