Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Last week, we celebrated the birth of one of the Good Times family's most beloved daddies: Rich King. Rich can pretty much have anything he wants up at our party because we love him so, and so when he asked if he could bring two turntables and spin vinyl for his birthday set, we said yes yes and yes.

My favorite lesbian pinoy Jew on earth, Cheryl (to be honest, I don't any other so if you're out there, holler!) dropped by with a friend on the early side to show face and hear my opening set, which has included lots of Finnebassen of late.

Chattin' it up in the space where the STRIPPER POLE USED TO BE! Yes, we're still grieving the loss of that Eastern Bloc stripper pole but we're told it was an insurance liability and we wouldn't be able to open otherwise. Wah wahhhhh.

So proud of our coat checker Marc, who has been making waves in both the adult film world AND, more importantly, the world of Instagram. Just wait til we get him back on the DJ decks and everyone realizes that he's actually a triple threat. 

On April 3rd, we're celebrating out six year Good Times anniversary, and we've invited one of our favorite guests named Dandylion (right, with Brian. His real name is Daniel but we like Dandylion better) to join us, along with a farewell performance by Miss Fire Island 2010 Sabel Scities, who will soon be off to the isle de fuego for the summer. 

It's birthday boy Rich King (!) and a guest that we thought was DJ Timmy for a minute but now we're not so sure.

East Village locals out for a beer, though as you can see by the poster in the background, "ASS JUICE" is now a shot option at Eastern Bloc as well. (Only $3!)

DJ BOOTH FACE OFF! Evans (left) and Buddy were actually giving face for 5 - 10 minutes but this was the best photo of the bunch.

Foxy furry friends, reunited! (with DJ Gustavo, Rich and Brian from left).

More DJ on DJ on DJ love from Anthony (left), Michael and Brian.

Solie and her hunky friend dropped by for a hot minute in leopard print leggings and a wig stolen from a Company B photo shoot. Fascinated!

I have no idea how Adam (left) and Quinn no each other nor do I understand how Michael T. convinced Quinn to meet him at Good Times (!) but I'm glad that all of the aforementioned showed up to party with us.

Best photo ever?

The Buddy and Evans photo shoot continues, with Evans giving MAJOR shoulders as per usual.

Adam insisted that I've never been in a photo with him and so we changed all that quite quickly.

This cuteness named Akimbo introduced himself and told me he was enticed by the Good Times party photos he had seen on (or maybe Facebook). Either way, he was warmly welcomed.

Speaking of warm welcomes, here's Michael T. giving a warm welcome to a friend.

Darren and one of his many sexy threadbare tshirts.

Post-2am shows.

Yes to EVERYTHING about this jacket. #need.

The bad news is that Lina has already left for Fire Island and won't be coming back in to DJ her annual Led Zeppelin birthday party on April 10th at Good Times. But the Good News is that Michael T. is still on board for Led Zep night and has promised play at a major rock 'n' roll set in the vein of Zeppelin.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICH KING! Thank you for partying with us and birthdaying with us and being an awesome person. Can't wait to make it to Rich's new Sunday party called Easy with Austin Downey and Brian Gately over at the Westside tavern (though it might be monthly).

Edwin throwing me some side-eye.

And a warm goodnight from Michael and Andrew. See you April 3rd for our Good Times six year anniversary party with Dandylion, Sabel Scities and moi! xo, Sparber

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