Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Though it feels like its been eons, its only been two weeks since we welcomed our German DJ friend Tom Peters to play at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. We also welcomed guest hosts and LA porn star boyfriends Roddrigo Dig and Rogue Status, who were in town for the Black Party that coming weekend.

My former neighbor named Mat (right) kindly volunteered his photography services to us for the night while Ru (left) hung around and even invited me to DJ his Sunday afternoon Paradisco party on April 28th.

When your happy hour turns into an all-nighter, which is exactly what we like to see.


Marwin's Ocean Pacific-esque shirt was really turning me out that night.

Blondes, having more fun now that they're at Good Times. Join us April 3rd for our SIX YEAR anniversary. Yes, six years! How is that even possible?

A rare weeknight appearance from our buddy Ryan (left), who just returned from following Girls Aloud around on tour in Europe (or in his dreams, he did).

Our handsome guest DJ for the evening was Tom Peters (right, also known as Kevinfunkt), who played his entire set off of two USB sticks and sounded stellar while doing so.

Six years of sexy bearded boys showing up week after week like Edward (right) and his friend. Best job ever?

My baby DJ brother Anthony (right), who will be joining me again to DJ JIZZ at Metropolitan, which will be on the fourth Friday of this month, aka April 26. (It's usually third Fridays, if you had it marked down on your calendar already because you should. It's that good!) PS - Not cutting the bathroom line Djay.

Whenever Tom (center) comes to town, he gets the royal treatment from Marwin (right), who kindly hosts him and introduces him to a million people in New York nightlife.

A blonde drinking a blonde.

We love a guy that's a fan of the bears.

Jack's back! Or apparently he was in town for some really high-brow stuff and some semi low-brow stuff but I was just happy to see him back out and about in NYC.

As much as I love a late-night dance party, I also love a late night genuine convo, which this one was great for.

He's as sexy as he looks on the flyer!

Rob's days at Eastern Bloc are numbered! He's apparently going to try his hand at the 9 - 5 thing and although he will be immensely missed, we have a feeling that this isn't the last we've seen of him.

Guest hosts Roddrigo Digg (left) and Rogue Status, who were great hosts and great eye candy and are always welcome at Good Times.

GOOD TIMES! (every Wednesday.)

Whatchu' talkin' 'bout Kevin?

That moment when Tom wouldn't entertain photo requests from strangers but instead, grabbed the mic and started freestyling over house music. Can't wait to DJ with you in Berlin at the end of August! xo, Sparber

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