Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Despite Wednesdays being the most likely day of the week for it to rain for four winters straight (or so it seems), we still managed to dance our asses off at last week's Good Times at Eastern Bloc, the first since Eastern Bloc's brand new renovations.

It's been hard for us to keep track of Rikki's whereabouts since this time last year (yes, we're using Black Party as a time marker) but apparently he's been making waves in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and on short mountain with his MC alias, Rica Shay.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE BLACK! Eddie (right, with Kevin) actually celebrated held his big birthday celebration on a Thursday this year but that didn't stop us from ordering a round of shots for him at midnight.

I didn't photograph many of Eastern Bloc's renovations but you'll now notice that the entire width of the bar is 8.5 inches larger (the benches have been rebuilt slightly smaller), not that barman and owner Darren is a size queen or anything.

My DJ godmother Tim (right, with Damien), who once bequeathed me his speakers, mixer and Denon dual cd deck to use with my two turntables for practice.

Javier (left) and I are both New York nightlife veterans and Avenue C neighbors. Last week, he told me that I have nice forearms and I told him he had a nice ass (after he mooned me and the rest of the bar).

Barman Rob, sending telepathic signals to the DJ booth for us to play some Britney, play some Britney, play some Britney.


This handsome one hails from New Zealand, lives in Australia and is of Iraqi decent. He also has great taste in sweatshirts and Wednesday night parties.

Guest DJ Bill Coleman (left, with Formika) was originally scheduled to spin with us one week earlier before we learned that Eastern Bloc's renovation would mean one week of no Good Times. Bill was a good sport though and was happy to do a (literal) rain date. He also gifted me an awesome Deee-Lite poster from his archives. Thanks Bill!

Late night DJ booth mayhem, which is all a bit blurry in hindsight and I can't imagine what song Rob and Bill are singing along to.

Where did that wig come from and why aren't we snapping photos with it every Wednesday?!

Thank you and goodnight! See you next week when DJ Mikey Fuentes (right, with Xander) guests for Good Times' opening set. And catch us DJing together as DONKEY this coming Saturday with the Carry Nation at The Spectrum in Brooklyn. (And Jizz is this Friday as well with me and guest DJ Dicap). See you soon!

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