Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Two Wednesdays ago, I invited my DONKEY production partner and newbie DJ Mikey Fuentes to open our weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Since Mikey and I had been prepping for our opening gig for The Carry Nation that Saturday in Brooklyn (which was major), we each tried out some new tracks and even tag teamed for a minute.

Guest DJ Mikey Fuentes (left) and Casey caught up on Casey's recent eat pray love travels to the East in between deep house and diva house vocal tracks.

Blas was back in New York City that week to celebrate life and his birthday and to discover the wonders of Julius, Good Times and all that New York has to offer.

The San Francisco - New York connection never really stops so its no wonder that Austin (left) graced us with his wonderfulness right before I flew out west to bask in Dolores Park too.

DONKEY time! We're getting excited for spring and summer time with a couple of local and travel gigs up our (tank top) sleeves.

The dapperness that is Alex, walking for executive evening out.

Brandon (right) and Cesar, doing their best gorgeous ladies of wrestling impressions.

Insert Asian take-out pun here.

Kevvy and Eddie. Kevin is hard at work on his photo thesis but took the time to see us DJ on both Wednesday and Saturday and that is why we love him.

Did you hear the one about the Germans who invaded the Jew's DJ booth? Kidding! Love you Andreas!

Me and Good Times' newest photo boy, Mat G. Mat was once a youtube sensation but is now on an endless daddy hunt and we're trying to help him find one (or one hundred). I smell a Logo reality show in the making.

The late night revelers that I live for when I usually get into my late night set at 2am.

Brad helped us shut it down a little before 4am that week due to the atrocious Wednesday weather we had this past winter. ADIOS WINTER, HELLO SPRING! See you next Wednesday! xo, Sparber

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