Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last Wednesday's Depeche Mode Good Times party at Eastern Bloc seemed to occur in three chapters, each of which was progressively more drunker and outrageous than the next. It pays to stay till 4am, people.

Chapter 1 began at 10pm when I arrived at Eastern Bloc to find the touring cast of Cats celebrating the birthday of the bunny-eared blond in the middle. Doesn't she kind of look like Allanah Starr?

If you weren't sure that it was a Cats get together, this guy wore a tshirt to remind you.

They also had on more fairy wings than a twinkie gay frosh would wear on Halloween.

They also put on a DVD of their very on Cats performance! That's the birthday girl singing Memories or something.

The Good Times crew with good times arms begins to trickle in for our 11pm open vodka bar.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATS LADY! Your party seemed purr-fect.

And thank you to Demetre who took the pictures for Chapter 1 since Kelvin had another event to attend since he's in demand these days, especially at Wednesday night parties.

Chapter 2 began as Conrad (left, with Jay) took over camera duties and snagged a few cupcakes from the birthday party because nothing goes better with free vodka than cupcakes.

German tourists LOVE Depeche Mode.

Gay soap star Scott Evans sighting (right)! Scott always comes and parties with us but is usually prissy about getting his photo taken. Maybe he thought his skunk-striped friend would be the perfect distraction for our cameraman.

Marcellus says, "Miss thing, there is no guest toniiiiiiight!"

When the vodka is free, the fairy wings magically transform into head pieces.

Jay, teasing us with a pole dance that he never came through with.

Mister Adam K., here to speak and dispel all those blasphemous rumors.

A man after my own heart, Jason (center) will continue wearing low-slung tank tops well into fall and maybe even winter. He's also good for tracking down hot greek men like the one on the right.

Could they be any less amused about this picture? I mean, at least Kelvin isn't yelling at you to grab her tit.

Jimmy, giving new and inventive meanings to the phrase "pull my finger."

Awwwwwwww SHIT! Former Good Times guest DJ duo Baby C (left) and Kele aka VICE VERSA rolled through, askin' "who gonna check me, boo?"

Discovering the meaning of love.

Scissor wizard Devin dropped by to deliver the most awesomely cut tank top you're about to see on me in a few more pictures. Thank you times two hundred thousand Devs!

Long lost Italian relatives Mikey (left) and Lapo, with a designer jacket and a coveted drink ticket.

The one and only Miss Ladyfag (left, with me) looked absolutely ravishing in her birthday party attire. As in, I couldn't keep my hands off the dress, the hair and the cooch. Okay, I could do without the cooch, but still. Happy birthday lady! I feel you!

And then I pretty much exploded when Stephanie Stone marched through the door all short haired and sassed up for the oncoming fashion week.

And then began Chapter 3, when guest DJ Adam turned it the fuck out with any and every Depeche Mode song known to man.

Snake skin blazer realness! Thank you for officially kicking off fashion week, sir.

John, Kevin and Tai (from left), laughing it up and getting ready to reach out and touch faith.

Miss thing finally arrived with her big ol' sign from her public access skit from 20 years ago. Oh, you didn't know Kelvin is 42? Well you HAVE to watch the clip HERE. And the remix HERE!

Me and my drag mother/goddess/baby's momma Steph, who pranced around in heels till sunrise and then worked for 13 hours at Fashion's Night Out. More human than human!

Mikey (left) was well on his way to getting plastered at this point and calling everybody YOU JEW. Hoping he comes next week when we celebrate Rosh Hashana, the jewish New Year!

Enjoying the (lack of) silence.

Ryan, Ryan and Kevin (from left). Ryan S. is giving major sadface to the tune of Depeche Mode's Somebody, which I played when I started my 2am set.

Gary and Gary, because everyone loves hanging with their namesake until someone yells Gary and they both turn around. Trying being a Josh on Long Island.

Everything counts in small amounts, especially when that small amount is the adorable and clean shaven Willie (right).

SUPERSTAR SIMON MORITZ! You can run but you can't hide from the camera Simon! Will I be seeing you in the orchestra section of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Radio City Music Hall concert next week?


Even more fashion week do's and don'ts.

Ryan (left) and Jimmy, showing off their baby blues.

Only because you can never have enough photos of Stephanie Stone OR Ladyfag. Seriously.

Tastemaker and former Miami club kid (!!!) Jon Jon Fields, who shares my passion for Tom Tykwer soundtracks. Can we say Run Lola Run soundtrack night at Good Times?

Master and servant?

New Kids On the Block fashion alert! Between my Donny Wahlberg tank and this sizzling denim vest, I think I might be onto something.

Buddy (left) and Sean, adhering to our policy of truth and late night shots.

Danny (right, with Ricardo), giving you sheer madness.

As always, I live for the Kiki Twins, who are giving black tie sci-fi realness while simultaneously making love the the camera.

Lesbian scenester DJ Daryl Raymond!

After 3am, yet another chapter always begins but we'll just call this the epilogue.

The look from up top...

...and the look from down below.

The infiltration of the London rudeboy look. Fix up look sharp!

I can't remember what Mother T. read me about this week (it does it every week) but I do remember something about he is the ONLY DJ to hire if we ever do a New Romantics party.

Don't remember seeing any of these people at the party, FYI.

But I do remember being graced with by the loveliness that is Dina Delicious. Kinky Kelvin and I will be back next week for Rosh Hashana Manischewitz mayhem with DJ Timmy! See you there.


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