Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My triumphant return to my weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc after two weeks out west happily coincided with the return of another favorite of mine, James Cerne. James usually comes down from Boston with his trustee DJ-partner-in-crime Nathaniel but since Nathaniel fell ill at the last minute, James was left to his own vices

Elliott (left) left his matching John Deere trucker cap at home out of fear that another bearded gentleman might be wearing the exact same John Deere trucker cap. Chances of that can sometimes be as high as one in four in the East Village and even one in two in Williamsburg.

She's holding out and holding on for a hero till the morning light! (which is like, 5am with this whole turn back the clock thing.)

Vintage arcade games! They really work! I'm actually voting for Eastern Bloc to go full-on Barcade, but with only the gayest of arcade games like Ms. Pac Man and Street Figher II: Strawberry Shortcake Edition.

Tips please! Marc works hard for the money so you better treat him right.

My good friend Shawn L. actually snapped these early evening photos, capturing yet another unique perspective of Eastern Bloc, which is nicely summed up here by the gang bang porn, macho soviet artwork and oversized ad for an upcoming porn star party with real-life porn stars!

Good Times hearts Murakami, both Takashi AND Haruki. Now lets place bets on how long it'll take me to get through 1Q84.


Kevvy the Jewban, either covering up a baby bump or regretting his choice of onion rings for dinner.

Yet another lovely summation of Good Times: cuteness up front, porn poster in the rear, though I'll be blurring that porn poster for facebook despite that weird porn posting virus I've been drooling over all week.

Get into that Joiners Arms shirt cuz as of November 21st, I will be camped out there each and every evening for one week prepping for my Horse Meat Disco gig and surveying London's latest imports from Spain.

Oh, and guess who else is gonna be in London when I'm there? This handsome creature to the left known as Ryan Smith. He'll be camped out at Dalston Superstore and we'll be sipping Pims together and listening to Morrissey.

Thank you Shawn (right) for snapping such lovely photos. We're always happy to have guest DJs AND photographers to share their perspectives and goth song requests with us.

Get into that hotness. And g into Charles (right) giving you classic-yet-unintentional Charles liquor posing 101.

I believe our guest DJ may have started DJing at this point and I do believe he's playing Patti LaBelle's New Attitude, bringing a smile to everyone's face, as you can see.

One-time celebrity autograph hound Ed (left, with Chaz) has completely transformed into a celebrity himself. He's now this best-selling stencil book author (search Ed Roth on Amazon) and totally coming for J.K. Rowling.

See. Eastern Bloc is always crawling with porn stars like local celeb Logan Stevens (left).

I cannot look at these two kiki-ing on the sidelines and not think of Twin Cheeks, my Monday party at the Cock of yesteryear. RIP Twin Cheeks.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY R.! Gary seems to think he looked wasted in every pic from his birthday party outing on this particular night but i'd argue that all his friends look two sheets to the wind, making Gary look extra dazzling in those Sally Jesse frames. Heart you Garbear.

Mikey F. had one request and one request only for this particular party: Lace - Can't Play Around.

DJ BOOTH NUDITY. It wouldn't be a James Cerne party if this didn't happen. In fact, he's all about BYOT...bring your own towel.

Not exactly sure how or why Ed stripped down to his skivvies but not mad at it either.

Early preparation for Rich King and Gustavo's Great Flannel Exchange of 2011, which happened at their Snaxx party four days after this one. But perhaps Andrew (right) and Andre had their own secret flannel swap later that night.

Sunday was also the return of DJ Dandy Lion's monthly Marinate party at Eastern Bloc and it was OFF THE CHARTS. More Justin Martin and other Dirtybird tech house favorites than you could shake a (pocky) stick at.


Bar back Rob, sitting in for Big Scot while Big Scot is inside wiling out to my Patti Smith selection of the night, Gloria.

I had the clever idea to photograph Martyn, Panos and Jorge in this rarely used backdrop of Eastern Bloc aka the entrance. Come see me at The George and Dragon on November 25 Martyn. Unless you've permanently moved into Jorge's pad in BK.

Yes to everything about this photograph.

She is getting it and he is loving it.

Body, body, body, body, body.

Barch-y was kind enough to bring flowers for Garbear's birthday (cue "You Don't Bring Me Flowers") and lo and behold, Gary had exited the building, setting the scene for a nice flower shower for the rest of us (except for Rob, who had to clean it up.)

Proudly flaunting a drink ticket or his business card. I can't really tell which one it is.

Flower shower! And well deserved, as the cutie on the right scheduled his visit from Berlin around Good Times and is stoked to bring me to Berlin as well. Let's do it!

Panty creamer of the day.

Oh how I love Gissy and Frank despite not really remembering much of our 30 minute conversation.

Good underwear at Good Times!


Peter (left) and the other Garbear popped in for late night desserts. Two Garbears, one Good Times.

When Minnesota met Mars.

Dance Party USA! And we went till 4am too. Just wait till next week when the one and only DJ Lina bring her dance party jams and Rewind throwbacks to our Rewind Good Times next week.

Bye for now! Thank you to James Cerne and the party people that came out, danced and got naked. See you next week. xo, Sparber

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