Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Though the symbol for Aquarius is the universal man pouring forth water from a jug, the universal Aquarians who celebrated their birthdays at Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc seemed more prone to pouring multiple shots for themselves and their friends, making for quite the pretty mess.

The four Aquarians in question were co-DJ Jimmy, former go-go beau Matt B., Eastern Bloc co-owner Ben/Antoine and my custom tank top designer Devin M. Happy birthday boys!

An early appearance from gray-capped duo Mike (left) and Andy, who always "have work in the morning" until they get really really drunk and then its more like will I have a job in the morning

Fernando stumbled in and out of the DJ booth so dizzily that I had to usher him away before we had a hurling situation on our hands.

Mao (left) and friends, demonstrating that the only way to survive the pressures of planning fashion week is to work hard and play harder.

James' priceless death stare (left) gets me every time.

Different attire for the hot to cold microclimates of Eastern Bloc (from left to right).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHIE WOOD! We didn't even know it was Josh's birthday till he slurred something about it to me after many many birthday toasts.

Reavis (left, with Garrett) is trying to bribe me with tank tops in exchange for his own private Sparber mixtape collection.

Where is that arm coming from? It's like some total stranger stuck his arm in the picture and this dude promptly put it in his mouth.

I can only imagine which wine he was drinking, given that Eastern Bloc has a huuuuuge array of wine options for our wine connoisseur customers.

This is what happens when Harriet doesn't get what she wants. I am not kidding.

Ummmm, not sure how this Banya advertisement slipped in here.

With cash in hand, Harriet and Marc remind us: WHATEVER HARRIET WANTS, HARRIET GETS!

BIRTHDAY BOYS! Happy birthday to Jimmy (left) and Matt, who sure know how to bring a crowd and party like they're not in their 30s. Ben/Antoine didn't want to pose for public pictures... we have to revert to this classic of him and Merna Boots. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANTOINE!

Jose (left) was slammed at his Big Booty Bakery and couldn't bring a cake for his birthday boyfriend, Matt, though we seriously would have settled for their heavenly chocolate chip cookies.

Jason (second from left) in daywear, which doesn't really compare to his alter ego Courtney Summers' nightwear.

Rubbing the genie's belly.

I hope Rainblo (left) has not forsaken her trademark rainbow-colored mohawks and will wear one out to next week's Richard X Good Times. Yes I did.

Bringing back the braces trend, Parker Posey style.

I pretty much spit out my rum punch two weeks ago when I saw the one and only Luke B. (right) in a Courtney Love-posted twitpic. Luke officially needs to do some serious celeb wrangling for our next Night of 1000 Courtneys.

Ty-Lör (center), getting his weeknight Snaxx on with heartthrob daddy duo Rich K. (left) and Gustavo.

We are loving Steve's newfound facial hair (second from right), but then again, I think we pretty much say that about anyone with facial hair each and every week.


Now is as good a time as ever to mention that I'm DJing Williamsburg's Sugarland dance club this Friday from 1 - 4, where you can find cute young things such as these two shakin' a tail feather.

I'm also filling in for Gant this Sunday at Eastern Bloc's Love Hangover disco party, where you can find disco kids such as these two grooving to Larry Levan hits, which I'll be playing all evening long, 9pm - 2am.

Xander (right) might or might not have the science of running in, posing for a fierce pic, and leaving down to a science.

Parker (second from left), sporting the biggest bowtie collection on this side of Broadway.

Kevin (left) and Andrew, jamming to Jimmy's jams a la Yelle. More Yelle in 2010!

Our dear friend Paul (in the plaid. Just kidding. That's everyone at the bar. He's second from left) has left us and moved to Berlin, where he will likely morph into a fisting leather pig in lederhosen. Auf wiedersehen Paul!

Adrian (right) is in heaven next to a Brazilian daddy and a hirsute cub.

Wrestle boy Jeff (right), showing birthday boy Devin some love on the first of three (or was it four) birthday celebrations Devin organized for himself. More parties = more presents.

Rich and Mark, giving you gay Bennetton fragrance ad realness.

I can just hear Hurricane Jason chanting along with his roommate Ladyfag as they sing "where are all the dad-dies? Where are all the dad-dies?"

Happy birthday to almost Aquarian Michael T. too. She's more of a cusp baby, which maybe explains her "eccentric" behavior.

Mon coeur fait boum.

Olé! No, really, that was the name of Michael T.'s friend (left), who explained to Evans that he is pretty much straight at another point in the evening.

I am also susceptible to Kelvin's retarded photo directions as witnessed by my Hell's Kitchen douchebag pose here. But boy was I tan. See you next week!


Anonymous said...

Did Ben-Antoine's notoriously private gray haired, blue eyed boyfriend suggest that he not be photographed at this party?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:38 PM...You are an idiot Carol!

anon 5:38 pm said...

@12:08 am, I don't know who you're referring to regarding this "Carol" person and it sounds like you may need professional help for your anger issues.