Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Upon returning from my European tour of London and Madrid, where the weather was sometimes gloomy but not nearly as wet as New York this month, I grabbed an umbrella and made my way to our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, where this time, DJ Nick of the confetti throwing, fake blood-dousing Cheryl party made his Good Times debut.

If a torrential downpour didn't affect her hair and makeup, it certainly isn't going to a damper on our evening.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Who doesn't love a little bondage-oriented Santa Claus? I know what I'm sending Rihanna's way this holiday season.


You are falling under the hypnotic spell of our eerily pale blue/green eyes.

Rough trade.

And for those of you who aren't keen on bondage of the Santa persuasion, we're be holding our annual Good Times Hannukah Hairy happening on December 21st. This year's theme: JEW BOOTY, complete with (Jew) booty music from me and Ms. Christy Love and a special performance by Tina Benez!

Ginger facial hair is the LOOK for 2012. Get in and buckle up.

DJ Nick of Cheryl, who favors electro synth beats and upbeat fun songs. Nick turned out a great set to an enthusiastic crowd, especially given Hurricane Cheryl that was happening outside.

Frank was such a great host in Portland when I visited last month. You must get a hold of him and ask him to take you to ALL the appropriate donut shops and male strip clubs. He's even on a first name basis with some of the strippers.

Kyle (right) and even more rough trade. What's with rough trade turning out in droves when its pouring outside?

Now walking for femme executive realness.

This week's captions are brought to you in a bit of a hurry as I'm suddenly booked to DJ a holiday party (cue: Wham and Mariah Carey Xmas songs) right before our next Good Times party, which is bound to be one of the best as we'll be hosting guest DJ Chris Bowen who plays a cosmic disco party in Los Angeles called Bears in Space and is packing the spaciest tunes known to man.

James, sober!

Scarf accessories and major hair that not only survived but thrived in the downpour.

I haven't been to B. Raff's (center) Griffin party in a hot minute but I gotta a feeling that if I went, I might hear I Gotta Feeling.

Celebrity photographer and Craigslist celebrity Eric M.! (left.)

And at the magical hour of 1am, a little elf named Kelvin appeared and offered to take over the photography duties for the rest of the evening.

Kelvin is always pretty awesome at setting up huge group photos like this in our eensy weensy bar known as Eastern Bloc. Cheers, dudes.

Tattoo you.

Volunteer pole dancers can always be a blessing or a curse but in this case I actually enjoyed the impromptu (clothed) performance.

B. Raff (right) texted me the following day to note that the lovely lady in the center is indeed an official member of (and appeared on) the Bad Girls Club! She wasn't much of a bad girl this particular night unless she blew Brian and James in the bathroom later on. But B. Raff certainly didn't text me about that part.

Ready to check your wet coats and holiday shopping bags folks.

YAWNING CAUGHT ON FILM! Okay, so it was a little sleepier than usual but actually those are always the nights you're bound to pick up the hottest dude because the choices are slimmer and the alcohol flows more readily. Just sayin'.

Me and my former coworker Travis, who used to train while I used to DJ at the same downtown gay New York City Gym. Then he left us for the sunny shores of southern California and after I traveled to Palm Springs this past weekend, I can certainly see why.

NEW COUPLE ALERT! Celebrity chef Tyler B. (left) and celebrity Italian Matteo F. have made it official on their facebook pages! Mazel tov.

Pretty much drooled all over Malik's gorgeous cashmere YSL coat. Then I begged him to check it with Marc at coat check who would maybe accidentally "misplace it" but I had no such luck. But apparently Malik did have such luck.

I smell a ginger beard poking through (just in time or 2012!)

Mario and Jermaine (right), aka the 3am boys who I think rolled through slightly earlier this particular week and just in time to catch my late night set and my late night LETS DO A ROUND OF TEQUILA SHOTS thing that I sometimes do. Ask me about it!

I heard that if your hand is bigger than Thomas' face, someone in the world has cancer. Come by next week and find out.

Get into those brown boots. I know Michael T. would if her were in attendance.

Rainblo (left) and even MORE rough trade! WTF. Perhaps its time we do a rough trade Good Times party, though something tells me rough trade doesn't necessarily come out for gay theme-night parties. But we could all DRESS like rough trade, right?

Thanks DJ Nick and everyone who braved the wet weather for another awesome Good Times. Check out Nick's Cheryl party too or at the very least their awesome online videos.

I spy a spikey heel.

A very very very spikey heel, and where there's a spikey heel, there's bound to be...

...goth eye make up. See you next week for Bears in Space Good Times with Los Angeles' number one homo DJ, Chris Bowen. xo, Sparber


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