Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Our little Eastern Bloc Wednesday party that could turned three last week! That's three years of beer goggles and bathroom antics for most of our patrons and we couldn't love them more.

I bought a special cake for the occasion which you probably didn't get to taste because Kelvin dropped it on the floor one minute after attempting to serve it.

Good Times would not be possible without DJ Jimmy (center), who founded the party after his Bang party in the basement of China 1 and then Beauty Bar went bust. It also wouldn't be possible without the hotness of such chaps as Jose (left) and his hubby Matt.

Ryan (right) and Mikey, paying homage to their divas of choice Diana and Wendy.

Casey (right) is full of stories and doesn't usually stop talking for a picture or any other disruption for that matter. This week, he shared an anecdote about running through an East Village backyard in the mid-20th century only to come across a lion nursing her cubs (!!!)

That scoop neck makes me want to pull that sweater onto one of his shoulders and start playing Irene Cara's What a Feeling (Flashdance).

In three more years, we will all be wearing brightly colored striped clothes like those hot socks of his and our socks will be uniformly plaid.

The passover party plane touched town last week when Adam (right) returned from Israel for a New York wedding and a nice Jewish family Passover getaway to Kutchers.

Fact: we have never played Chic's Good Times at Good Times. But Jimmy does love Lipps Inc's Funkytown.

German-American bi-continental relationships are IN this year, as witnessed by Dirk and Darren last week and Eddie (right) and Andreas this week.

This could be a separated at birth in the East Village portrait if Duane wasn't giving Down's Syndrome realness in this photo.

REALNESS! And I love a pearl necklace.

The fighting Irish, and by Irish I mean two gingers and their friends. I hope they return next week for our St. Paddy's Day Beyonce night blowout with Cazwell and superstar Jiggly Caliente.

Roll them sleeves or ditch em completely, as spring has nearly sprung here in New York City.

Michael (right) and a pretty young thing whose name we did not catch, enjoying our eclectic song selections for the evening including some Nicki Minaj and new stuff off that Goldfrapp album.

The cheese stands alone.

Hiring him for the kissing booth at our next anniversary party for sure.

Height discrepancy.

Ryan's tongue was hanging out of his mouth in not one, not two but three photos from this week's roll of film. Apparently Down's Syndrome realness is the look

Tai (left), straight off the plane from Paris and never looked fresher. But you probably didn't notice because you were too busy drooling over Adrian (right).

I hope Steven (right) plans on accompanying me on my west coast DJ tour this April just like he did last year. I'm playing Mustache Mondays (3/19) in Los Angeles and Booty Call (3/21) and Some Thing at the Stud (3/23) in San Francisco. Looking forward to some California Love.

Three fingers, boys. Its our THREE year anniversary!

Don't be afriad of the guy in shades oh no! (Corey Hart Sunglasses at Night reference!)

Three years of grab-her-boobies photo direction by our in-house photographer Kelvin, who we are greatly indebted to for all the fantastic photos you have ever seen of our party.

One-Half Nelson and another half Nelson aka his sister! Do two half Nelson's make a full Nelson?

Rami (right) and Jason, catnapping on a hot tin hood outside the party. Rami has helped me accept my newfound cheek-bone fetish.

Singing along to one of many Gossip songs played throughout the evening.

Germanophile Kevin (left), working on joining the German-American relations committee. Oh, and Kevin Campos, you're not fooling anyone by holding a hat in front of you while making out in the background of a photo, queen.

Michael T. has found himself a new self-proclaimed pig (see tshirt) who goes by the name of Harris.


Cazwell, one half of the late, great electro rap duo Morplay, has been aching for the perfect Good Times to guest DJ and no Good Times would be more perfect than next week's one with Beyonce, who Cazwell once saw at Burger King.

Good Times, uniting cuties for three years now...

...and spooking you in the middle of a makeout session each and every Wednesday.

The downtown elite. (I'm especially feeling Xander's Cab Calloway look.)

More late night yoga poses with our limber guest host One-Half Nelson.

I love how these four are completely unbothered that they're being photographed. Like, so unbothered that one one even look at the camera.

Blowing kisses on the wind.

Who is this scrumptious thing clinging to Miss Katoure?

The best way to trick Sammy Jo (center) into staying at your party is to play the Cure and then engage him about East Village eateries. It seriously extended his stay by an hour or so.

Here's to three years of Good Times at Eastern Bloc! Thank you for making our party such a success. Now come get drunk on free vodka (at 11pm) and other cheap delights at our St. Paddy's Day Beyonce Night. Quinn Clancy, Colin Fitzpatrick, Peter Glennon and Michael "Tommy" Callahan-Lollo are your Irish mentors in an inebriation education.

See you next week!

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