Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Two weeks ago, we hosted a Queen Latifah party at our Wednesday Good Times event at Eastern Bloc and invited guests to come into our house and give me boddddddy.

Eric was early to arrive and early to leave, knowing that I post these pics in chronological order. How could not love that shana punim (yiddish for cute face), and by shana punim, I mean jew nose.

You didn't happen to buy that gray-and-white v-neck at American Apparel, did you? I had a hunch.

Ginger friends stick together through all situations.

Christian (center, with Cameron and Ashton) is playing that make a really ugly face game. Sadly, he was the only one playing.

George (left) and Josh, looking oh so dapper and well dressed as Queen Latifah probably gives way to some Jade and SWV. Weak in the knees!

Did I mention that Benji Solomon had a Good Times birthday party that night too. Someone splurged and bought him entire cupcake!

Kevin (left) used to DJ Good Times before becoming a part-time Philly resident while Michael used to date my ex, who I had met when I lived near Philly. It all comes back to the so-called sixth borough.


From left: Eddie, Devin, Evans, Hunter and William, who I voted for as HX Go-Go boy of the year, though I have no idea who actually one those things. Good Times was nominated too. Sha-ZAM.

Everybody loves a little MC Lyte thrown into the mix. GOTTA GET A RUFFNECK!

Hypnotic camera stare down dude is telepathically telling me to make the jump and DJ in his home neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen.

Don't you hate when you spill just a little of your drink but it totally makes you look like you're lactating for the next hour and a half?

This dude just wants peace in Zimbabwe because we like to stay all politically relevant at Good Times. Hasta la vista Mugabe!

I hope no one is complaining about not seeing new faces on this blog anymore because I certainly haven't seen most of these dudes ever. Or was too drunk to remember them.

That should would be 10 times more amazing if it said you looked better as a high school freshman cuz then I could be all - pedo!

Substitute DJ Buddy, askin' who you callin' a bitch?

Walker (left) and I spoke for 15 seconds, during which time I gathered that he's a really really really nice guy. With hot friends.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJI! I bet Benji (left) looked good as a freshman, sophomore, junior AND senior. And in college too!

Jacob Brooks-Harris would bring his lovely chiuaua Milo to our party if people promised not to feed him beer or step on him.

Brian (left) is back in town and almost about to move back from LA permanently. Fasten your chastity belts.

Wait, am I imagining things or did photographer Kelvin take a sudden detour to Metropolitan bar in Brooklyn?

Two more people playing ugly face games. Trend alert!

Handsome strangers who look like free lovin' California folk.

Rob (left) and Kevin (right) of threesome couple blue-shirt-wearing fame.

Photo of the week goes to these two, proving that a ginger wearing paisley and a hassid at a gay bar make New York City the only place to be in '08.

I didn't take many pictures of German guys in Berlin, but they mostly looked like this.

Is anyone else obsessed with the TV show Kath and Kim? Don't these two look EXACTLY like Kath and Kim?

This one on the left looks like he could be German as well. They're mostly tall and slender and wear lots of sleeveless shirts to show off their tribal tattoos. Not too different from Chelsea, actually minus the steroids.

JR is off in Europe till the end of July. We partied till 7am at Panorama/Berghaim Club in Berlin and then he and his bf hopped on bicycles and cycled home. Sooooooo euro.

Facebook friends 4EVA.

David (center) is literally friends with everybody. By far the most popular girl at the bar from 1am till 4am.

Get it Magamet! Do it now, lick it good.

Just to dispel the rumors, Chris (center) is NOT a porn star and total top Tony (left) is NOT a total top. Mark, however, did just turn 28 or something and we'll be toasting him at next week's Good Times after our big gay pride Good Times this coming Wednesday. Free 2xist undies!

Sampson, unbuttoned.

These two are so so cute, and not just because that one on the left is wearing the most amazing shirt known to man.

Doni (left) and Matt, talking about how gray is gay and that's why they love to wear it.

Footballers Antoine (left) and Sam hung out in the corner most of the night and talked about their experiences with wide receivers.

Hell yessssssssssss! Armando (back left, with Jonathan and Robbie) dance floor realness in full effect!

In addition to reading about Charlie (left) and his exploits on his blog, you can apparently hire him on for $250 an hour. Get it Charlie!

...and then Good Times turned into a prom night after party.

Earl Dax (right) and Charlotte's jewish husband dude from Sex and the City! Not really, but I was fooled for a hot minute (or 10).

All's well that ends well. So seriously - come to our big gay pride party Wednesday June 25th. Linda Simpson is guest hosting and giving away 150 pair of 2xist undies! See you there.


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