Friday, February 01, 2008


I'm keeping my baby! That's how I feel after watching Juno, the Oscar-nominated film about teen pregnancy that other bloggers have applauded for its pro-choice message. Watching Juno just a few months after Knocked Up, I can't help but feel that Hollywood has sneakily succeeded at pushing a pro-life agenda onto millions of movie goers including me.

In Knocked Up, a fertile one night stand between two strangers leads to baby, no questions asked. At least Juno (the character) weighs her options and even visits an abortion clinic, though not without getting grossed out and succumbing to the pro-lifer who tells her her two-month fetus has nails.

Other bloggers have argued Juno's decision to keep her baby and her family's whole-hearted support of her decision is indeed pro-choice. I say a film cannot be pro-choice unless it presents all pregnancy options in an equal light. Then again, Hollywood is not in the business of making films about abortions. But Citizen Ruth was a damn good film nonetheless.


Unknown said...

Patsy: When Eds told me she was pregnant, I told her to abort! ABORT, ABORT, ABORT! Chuck it down the pan, bring me a ...
Saffy: A knitting needle?

Yeah, still my favorite commentary.

chingang said...

Ruth (to the cops): "You suck the shit out of my ass"

Penny said...

J-I applaud yr critique of the film. I haven't thought of "For Keeps" in looong time. Netflix!